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And the training begins…

 It’s official- I have clearance from my orthopedic and I am allowed to resume my workout schedule as of next Saturday. This is very exciting and is actually almost two weeks earlier than he had originally predicted.  Turns out all this PT is working- hopefully the whole knee issue doesn’t return and I have a pain free season.   


 Now that I have the go ahead on my workouts, it kind of makes me wish I hadn’t bailed out of the Ocean Drive 10-miler, although I don’t think I would have been near ready.  I know my body will bounce back fairly well, but it wasn’t like I was breaking any records before so I am glad to have more time to prepare for the start of the season.  


 Here’s the problem- I don’t feel like training. It could be all the stress from work and school and moving put together, or maybe it’s because I am currently recovering from the worst stomach virus ever and my energy is low, but every time I think about my training schedule I cringe. It could also be that I have never been one to really follow a training schedule and now I feel more pressure.


 I have always considered myself a lazy athlete- I have never followed an actual schedule; more so just decided when I woke up what I wanted to do that specific day. But now that I am working towards (much) bigger things I really feel like I need a schedule. The thing is, I feel like a schedule takes some of the fun out of. So we shall see. I have a schedule. Here’s hoping I can stick to it.






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