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Back in the swing of things

I have really slacked as far as working out is concerned since November…in part because of my knee and in part because of my insanely busy schedule.  And in part because over the holidays I got lazy.  But all excuses are unacceptable, so today I got my act together and finally hit the gym. 

Although I was really tempted to run, I did a slow jog for about 2 miles just to warm up and see how it felt. I havent ran, or jogged, or even really walked more than a mile since the beginning of December. It felt great and I was really happy not to have pain while running.  I also did a quick swim, which also felt great because I love being in the pool. I did an easy swim, didnt time myself in laps or time but I felt strong.  Had a little trouble getting my breathing under control at the start but was able get settled.  So overall I felt really good about getting back in the swing of things and I am getting really excited about this upcoming season.

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