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The time has come…

Its official, this Sunday my training schedule begins!  I am happy to be getting back on track but like I have said before, nervous about sticking to a schedule.  Fitting in the proper training to my already overwhelming schedule is going to take a serious amount of discipline.  But I welcome the challenge and look foward to reaping the rewards.    

I am following the Beginner Triathlete program for a Run-Focused Olympic Distance Tri.  I tweaked it (very) slightly in order to fit in my work/school/coaching schedule but overall the distances and times equal out.  I dont have any set plans to do an Olympic Distance this year (except maybe a relay)  but its not out of the question either.  I figured that if I did decide to do one, I would at least be prepared. At the very least it will help me prepare for the 2010 season in which I will definitely be doing Olympic distance and also when I plan on doing my first  half-ironman.  I chose the run focused program because of all the road racing I do outside of trithlon.  With my first 1/2 marathon and full marathon both taking place this year, I felt this program would be most beneficial.

Stay tuned………

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