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Schedule?? Not so fast…

So this morning, I woke up ready to get started on my new “dont-be-lazy, get-on a-schedule”, schedule.  And then I realized that it doesnt start until next week. I dont want to start early because it is specific to my training and will end the week before Philly Womens Tri which is my “A” race this year.  For all my whining about not wanting to be on a schedule, I must admit I was a bit disaspointed to find out I was off a week. I think deep down I am looking forward to becomming more disciplined.  With that said, this week is super busy and it would have been almost impossible not to have missed a work out so I am glad to get a bye and not have to chance screwing up the first week.  Cause I would prefer to not screw up.

So anyway, without a schedule to follow, I treated today like I would any other non-scheduled training day- thought about what I wanted to do and did that. I knew my workout had to be rather short since I had so much painting to do at my new place, so I opted for a 30 minute swim and 40 minutes on the stationary bike.  I know the stationary bike isnt ideal, but I missed the morning spin class so it just had to do. Plus it doubled as homework time as I still had 100 pages to read  for my class tomorrow.  My swim was great- only a few people in the pool and the water was a nice temp.

Overall it was a good workout despite being short.  Really looking forward to the weather getting nicer so I can get outside more for workouts.

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