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Notes on Lent

Today is the start of Lent.  I will admit that for the most part, I dont follow the Catholic church but I have for some reason always believed in Lent.  I think it is humbling to see what a difference taking something away or adding something new in your life makes- whether its big or small. 

Last year, instead of giving something up, I took on something new.  Thats when I decided to get really fit. I was already on WW and working hard with the triathlon in mind, but for Lent I treated myself to one year of personal training.  It felt really good to take on the challenge and it most certainly gave me the discipline that I am so depending on for this upcoming season.  

This year it just isnt possible to take on something new and I was finding it difficult to give something up when I already feel as though I sacrifice so much during this time of the year as it is. I didn’t want to give up anything that would interfere with what little social life I have during this time but I also wanted it to be something that was truly something worth the effort.  Between the time I give up for my daily life plus doing what is necessary for proper training, there isn’t much left to take away.  The thing is, as if it wasn’t enough to be a 3/4 time student while working a full time job, the Spring is also the start of softball which I coach at the school I work for.  Take all that and add training on top of it and I am a pretty busy girl.

So after some thought, I decided to take the morning to think about my decision. As lunch approached it dawned on me.  Years ago for lent I had given up soda and it ended up lasting almost six years.  For whatever reason I decided one day to have a soda and haven’t been able to give it back up since.  Over the last year I am to the point of drinking one soda every day for lunch and usually I have soda on the weekends too.  So decision made: no soda for lent. Giving up soda will be hard (kind of the idea behind the sacrifice) but it will be worth it because in the end I will be healthier.  Given its upside, I couldn’t think of a better idea.  The downside is that it will probably make for a lot more coffee drinking!

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