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Needs & Wants….

Ok lets be honest, this time last year when all this Trithlon stuff was just for kicks and it was about just completing the event, having nice stuff wasn’t that big of a deal. Everything I used to get through my first TRI and all last season worked fine, its just time to get serious now. Its still all about completing the events and its still for the kicks, but its also for much more.   I didn’t need the fancy accessories and since I wasnt sure how far I was going to take this adventure, I didnt really want them either. Now its a part of my life. Its about beating my old times (that should not be difficult) and its about challenging myself more and participating in bigger events.

Now I need them. Now I want them.

First and foremost I need a heart rate monitor.  This is an absoulte need.  I will have this upon the cashing of my next paycheck. There is no way I can distinguish my easy workouts from hard workouts properly without one.  And if I am not benefiting from my workouts then whats the point.  Why wake up early and  sacrifice time/sleep or give up other activities to do workouts if I am just being mediocre. I dont need to be breaking anyones records but my own, but in order to get better I need the proper tools- beginning with the heart monitor.  

The next order of business is the bike.  Given my circumstances of really only having just learned to ride the bike four months before my first race, I didn’t want/need some fancy road bike.  I still dont need anything fancy but I do need a real road bike.  The bike I have has been good for learning and mild training, but I know that without the road bike I wont be able to really improve. I have been saving my change for over a year which probably equals to a couple hundred and lucky for me, my awesome parents saved their change for me over time and gave it to me as an xmas gift. This probably also equals a couple hundred. Together that puts me in pretty good shape for a decent bike.  Hopefully I will have this by mid-spring.

Lastly, along with the bike, I would like a bike trainer. This isnt a need- purely a want, and I will only allow myself this indulgence if I find a good one of Craigslist for a low price. I saw a few in the $100 range which I know is a great deal- the problem is I dont know a single thing about a bike trainer. I dont know which one to get, how to set it up or what to do with it once I have it. I do however know that once I have one I can train inside and this will probably make me more comfortable about training outside. So I have to look into this and its probably not going to happen this year.

There are about thirty other things I could ramble off about wanting, but I know enough to know they are wants and not needs. On my tight budget I have to really be able to assess the difference. If you dont know already- this is a VERY expensive sport. And the lists of needs and wants never seems to get shorter, only longer.

2 thoughts on “Needs & Wants….

  1. This stuff all costs big money for sure. I picked up a great heart monitor on eBay – a Timex Ironman Triathlon (T5F001). I love it. Very responsive. It does not get picked up by most machines in gyms – they all seem zoned in on Polar & Nike model frequencies but I didn’t want my HR broadcasting around me in the gym. I grabbed a great GPS watch as well – the Garmin Forerunner 205. I love it. I could have gotten a Garmin with both GPS and HR and kinda wish I did now but whatever. You should take a look at my friend Keith (http://coachkcook.blogspot.com/) he is a big Tri guy and coaches as well – he is a geek for the bike stuff (which I know nothing about).

  2. I was just commenting to a friend that I can’t believe the amount of “stuff” one acquires…now that I’m up to my elbows in triathlon training. I have three different watches (2 with HR) – one for swimming, one for biking (and treadmill workouts), one for running (aka Carmen the Garmin). REALLY, ALLY?? Could I not have found one watch that can do all three??

    And of course after doing my first sprint tri, I had to invest in a road bike…

    …And clipless pedals and bike shoes
    …And fins, paddles, and a pull buoy
    …And apparel for both indoor and outdoor workouts
    …And a bike computer
    …And a bike trainer
    …And the list goes on…


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