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I skipped the gym today. Drove all the way there and actually turned around.  I would normally feel really crappy about this and be beating myself up over it, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body and today it was telling me the gym was a bad idea.

Turns out my work out schedule (I feel like I am beating this schedule to death) is a Monday-Sunday schedule…and Monday is an off day (decided Monday and Thursday would be off days because they are nights I have class and 15 hour days are long enough) it technically doesnt begin until Tuesday.

Here are the following reasons the gym was a bad idea today:

1. I had a horrible nights sleep. One of the those nights where you might be asleep but your in that like sleep-wake where you arent really asleep. I dont think an hour went by that I wasnt waking up. Probably stress but I was a mess when I woke up this morning.  2. The cold is really having an affect on my knee. I have way more good days then bad but the really cold days make it difficult. Today was an exception (perhaps the lack of sleep was a reason?) and I was in a lot of pain. Stretched and iced but was still questioning getting on the treadmill or bike. 3. I had so much on my plate today that the hours just weren’t there. Had errands to run and still had to paint the baseboards at my new place (talk about tedious and time consuming) and study for my midterm that was scheduled tomorrow (school ended up closing due to snow).

So there ya have it…my excuses. I hate using time (or lack there of) as the reason why things didnt get done…but when its time, pain and lack of sleep I have to cut myself a break.

The good news is, the school I work at and my college were both cancelled for tomorrow so there is a chance for redemption. If my gym is open I fully intend to go.

This weekend didn’t go by without a postive either- I put in a good 500 meter swim and about an hours worth of strength training on Saturday. 

All in all…while it is always easy to be hard on oneself, I feel good about the weekend.


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