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At least I tried…

Most of the time when New Jersey braces for a snow storm, it ends up being a lame 3 inches and no big deal. But every now and then the weathermen are right and we get hit. Hard.

I had found out last night that schools were closed so I knew I had a snow day. After packing most of day I decided to venture out to the gym and get a workout in. It would have felt nice since I missed yesterday. I dont like to think of it as “making up” a workout, just getting one in.

Turns out, my venture to the gym was only a venture to the car.  My complex’s idea of plowing is not in sync with what my idea of plowing is. And thus my car is pretty much stuck in its parking spot. Just another reason to be excited about leaving this place. I cannot wait!

So tomorrow is another day- hopefully I can get my car out (I would be really angry if I had to take a personal day because of snow) and after work its (finally) off to the gym to (finally) get my butt on this schedule!


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