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About time…

Finally went to the gym.

Finally started my schedule.


Not only did I get to the gym last night but I had a GREAT workout!  I had decided earlier that I would need to do todays scheduled easy run last night along with my long bike because I have a meeting tonight that will prohibit me from getting to the gym.  Normally I would have just done my run this morning but after the dumping of snow we received over the weekend the paths are all icy and I am just not willing to risk a fall.  And the treadmill first thing in the morning is just not something I can get excited about.

Speaking of falls- yesterday while I was cleaning off my car to come into work I fell on a slippery patch of ice. This was not shocking as my ENTIRE parking lot was a skating rink (fun for the whole family perhaps, but not for me!). So naturally I went down on my good knee and I am now sporting a vicious looking bruise on the outer left side of my kneecap.  I guess its better than having went down on my already not quite functioning knee, but now instead of icing one at night I have to alternate the ice bag. Fun.  Have I mentioned how forward I am looking to nice weather?

Despite the freshly hurting right knee and the sometimes still hurting left knee I still had a great, albeit, short run. I was thankful it was the easy day, thats for sure.    2 miles in 24:08 following a 17 mile bike in 48:00. Even did an abs workout before I called it a night. Score one extra for me 🙂

4 thoughts on “About time…

  1. Thanks! I’ve been feeling great, just cant wait for nicer weather. Knee is healing- had a serious case of ITB syndrome and have been going through PT for @ 6 weeks. It was at the point I could barely walk, let alone run. After a lot of time off, ice, crazy amounts of stretching and PT…it seems I am getting back to normal.

  2. I hope the knee(s) are feeling OK. PT stinks but it pays off great in the long run. I had to do it for a back injury years ago and it actually made me stronger and smarter. Stick with the basics they gave you to avoid injury in the future.

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