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Moving day has arrived

After two months of packing and preparing, tomorrow is finally moving day. I do not think I could adequately describe in words how happy I am to be moving.  It’s tiring, it’s expensive and it’s time consuming, but it is going to be so worth it. 

For those of you who dont know, the apartment in which I currently reside is also home to a crazy stalker 3 doors down.  Nothing like someone ringing your doorbell at 2am or waiting outside when you get home “just to talk”.   This makes it nerve racking to come and go and its even worse when I have to come in at night and it’s impossible to run outside. I feel like a prisoner in my own home.  Even though my new place is smaller, it is also safer and will afford me the opportunity to run/bike outside.  I am seriously elated!

In addition to being safe and sound, it is also going to be nice to be settled again.  Its hard to feel calm when the place you live is chaotic.  There are boxes and bags everywhere; some stuff at the new place, most still at the old.  No matter how much I throw away, it seems like more stuff accumulates! 

Furthermore, I want my weekends back!  For the most part all my free time has been spent painting or packing or cleaning and it will be nice to have those hours back.  I am used to being busy all the time but embrace routine and I like planning my days.  Right now for the most part I am just going going going from one thing to another in hopes everything can get done.

There are so many positives to moving that even the fact that I might miss a workout isnt even bothering me.  Like I mentioned in my last post , if I have to miss a discipline it will be swimming. I have plans to get there tonight for my bike and run but tomorrow is probably out. I think it would be foolish to workout when I have a full day of moving ahead of me. I will however rationalize this as I have been as strength training 🙂 And I should mention (and I may have already), I am really excited about Sunday because I’ll be running outside. Hooray!!!

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