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Badwater Badass

I recently finished reading Pam Reed’s book, “Extra Mile: One Woman’s Personal Journey to Ultrarunning Greatness”.  For those who don’t know, Pam Reed is the two time overall winner of Badwater, a 135-mile run through Death Valley.  Furthermore she has completed and holds records for a number of ultra-marathons all of the world and as if that wasn’t enough she is also the record holder for the longest run- 300 miles without sleep.  She does this while raising kids, managing a household, and oh yeah…she runs the Tuscon Marathon every December too!  Pam Reed is a badass. 

I would recommend this book to all runners- it is a quick and easy read that is truly inspiring. Pam is clearly at the top of the running sphere.  This book could have easily been Pam bragging and boasting, but instead she is incredibly honest about all aspects of her life.   The book does not portray any arrogance,  it simply portrays her hard work and her accomplishments.  I really like that she wrote about both her struggles and triumphs and that she makes no excuses for the mistakes she has made in her life and career.  Pam is definitely inspiring- not in a way that makes me want to go run for 2 days in Death Valley but in the way that makes me want to keep doing what I am doing which is bettering myself  through exercise, accepting the challenges that come along the way and embracing the triumphs whether they be big or small.

3 thoughts on “Badwater Badass

  1. Sweet, thanks for the rec! I read Dean Karnazes’ book and it was okay, but I’d love to hear a female ultramarathoner’s story.

  2. She isn’t the most well versed writer…but it’s clear that she is writing in a way that stays true to herself. I read Dean Karnazes’ book- wasn’t as inspired…don’t get me wrong his accomplishments are amazing and he is obviously a crazy talented athlete, but the entire time I was reading his book I felt like he was trying to convince the reader of how great he is. With that said, I still want to read his book “50/50”.

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