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One of the best things about having this blog, is accountability.   I have developed a small readership and knowing people will be reading about my progress keeps me both motivated and honest.  The blog is like having someone to answer to. And I like it. On good weeks and on bad weeks, I like it just the same.

With that said, while this week was better than last week in terms of getting in my workouts, I am still learning how to manage my time in such a way that allows for ALL my workouts not only to happen but to be successful.  Once again, I did not get all my scheduled workouts in, but the ones I did were great. Usually I would beat myself up over missed workouts (and I am a little…) but because I felt so good after each one I did complete this week, it stings less.

Week in review:

The goods-

  • Had two really good runs- my pace is steadily improving and my endurance is getting stronger with every run.  Now that I have given myself more time to prepare for my first 1/2, I feel so much less stress and my workouts seem better because of it.
  • I have been inspired by ChicRunner to do 200 sit-ups a night.  Like with everything, I am going to work my way up- so the plan is 100-3x/week for 2 weeks and then 200-3x/week for 2 weeks and then begin the 200 a day.  It takes almost no time and I can do it while I watch TV- and I’ll get kickin abs just in time for summer!
  • After reading some nutrition blogs (on my blogroll- check em out, they are full of great information!) I decided to try a few new foods. New the menu for this week: Tilapia, dried apricots and clif jr bars.  I am most excited to try the Tilapia, I am really new to fish but I figure with some good spices and some asparagus on the side, I can’t go wrong. The dried apricots should be interesting- I have never even eaten a real apricot, so we will see. As for the Clif jr bars, I have eaten the regular Clif bars and I like them, so I figure that is a no brainer.
  • I spent a lot of time with my Mom this weekend- she has been such a huge help with all my moving, giving up a lot of her time to be there with and for me.  The thing is with my mom and I, we can be doing nothing at all or everything at once- but it’s always better when I am with her.
  • I am doing fairly well in my brackets for March Madness- 4th place as of right now. Only one out in my Sweet Sixteen and all my Elite Eight are still alive. Lets go UNC!!!!  

The bads-

  • Once again I didn’t swim this week. I had a super jam packed weekend planned and the only time I could go to the pool was during aquafit class. In aqua fit class they jack the heat up to about 90 degrees which makes it very uncomfortable. They also constantly yell at you if you splash them (we are in a pool!!!) or make too many waves. All of that if you are lucky to even get a lane since they close 3 of them for the class! It is more trouble then it is worth and I just didn’t have the patience for it.
  • I was limited once again to the stationary bike because I got my times mixed up and missed spin class. I was not happy. The only upside was I could watch March Madness while I biked.
  • I missed out on my Sunday run- I had a planned a 5k tempo run but it was almost dark when I got home and on top of that I still had homework for class to complete.  I don’t like running outside in the dark and now that my gym is @ 20 mins away it just wasn’t feasible timewise.
  • I thought I would be totally done with my old place but as it turns out I have to go back one more night this week. Really….ugh!

When it is all said and done and the week is over all I can do is be accountable for what I did (or didn’t do) and look towards a new week. Although I know it is small, I really do appreciate my readership.  It is always exciting to get inspiring comments from people 🙂


On a seperate note- my family and I are dealing with a very sick family member. The last two months have been difficult and so I am asking that you keep up in your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Accountability…

  1. i am with you 100% on the accountability thing… its an awesome blogger community 🙂 great job on the week!

    i am sorry about your sick family member… sending lots of good thoughts your way.

  2. I second both the accountability thing and thoughts for the family member.

    One additional – and I swear this is true – I have been trying to swim more myself but have missed out multiple times because of an aqua-fit type class! They don’t even let you in to the pool at my gym when they are there.

  3. It’s amazing what giving yourself a little leeway will do for the overall feeling of a training run. So glad to hear that the runs you had this week felt great! And keep in mind that sometimes we all have a sucky run but they just make the really great ones feel that much greater. 🙂

    Thoughts/prayers sent your way on the family member situation. 😦

  4. Thanks for the info and well wishes on the knee. It is nice to know that this could be healed and go away so I can run pain free someday!

    I am sending warm thoughts to you on the family member.

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