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Notes about stuff

Real deep title, huh?   Thing is, that really is all this post is about…random stuff I have been thinking about.

-Now that it is lighter later and with the onset of nice weather (yeah!!) I have been looking forward to running outside.  I struggle with this transition as it seems to be really tough on my knees, which is ironic because the treadmill doesn’t exactly do wonders for my knees either.  Once I have a few outside runs in, I know I will get into a groove with it and I can’t wait because I really love being outside. Yesterday I did an easy run down along the river where I grew up (and where my parents still live) which is one of my favorite places to run. 

-In my last post I talked about some new foods I would be trying.  Yesterday I packed dried apricots for lunch.  The ones I had were Wegmans Fat Free and Gluten Free.  You get a whole 1/4 cup for only 110 calories!! I am unsure of how many would be considered a 1/4 cup because I only packed four, but four was the perfect amount. The were sweet and chewy and I really liked them for my mid-morning snack.  I also brought a Clif Jr. bar with me for my afternoon pick-me-up snack before heading out to the softball field.  I have to say, I really like the regular Clif bars better…but I liked them enough to purchase them again given their low price and good taste.  I still have to cook up my tilapia which I have planned for Friday night.  I’ll be sure to post about it afterwards.  For anyone who enjoys tilapia, I welcome suggestions on seasoning. Please feel free to share your recipes!

-I am going to Yoga tonight.  I used to go quite a bit and have wanted to go back  for a while but my gym now only offers classes at 8pm which doesn’t always work for me.   I really like Yoga even though I am not all that coordianted and don’t always quite “get it”.  I know it helps enormously with breathing, something I have been concentrating on lately to better my endurance.

-I am looking so foward to tomorrow night as I am having dinner at The Iron Hill Brewery with my friend Sarah.  We try to meet up every six weeks or so for a dinner (she lives in DE- Iron Hill is the half-way point for us) and its always such a relaxing time.  I used to always have wine in my house, but to save money I stopped keeping a stock…so along with the company and good food, I am really looking forward to wine with my dinner 🙂 The added bonus is that it is located right next door to a Trader Joe’s.  The only Trader Joe’s near me, isn’t actually near me…and although it isn’t too far from my work, it is a real hassel to go in rush hour.  Trips to Trader Joe’s are few and far between…usually on a weekend (which is madening because of the crowds) when I meet up with my Mom who is in love with their SF Chocolate Bars.  Needless to say, being able to get in a quick trip before dinner tomorrow makes me very happy- and thanks to all the blogs I have been reading I added a few more new food items to my list that I can’t wait to try.  Any must haves you recommend…please share away….

On a closing note, I feel really good about this week so far.  I don’t know why that is…I actually haven’t slept well, I am behind in school work and have been under some stress, but for some reason I feel like this is going to be a successful week.

8 thoughts on “Notes about stuff

  1. Hey Jillian – one thought on your knee pain running outside – maybe its your shoes. You may have already explored this but I know some of my own knee pain in the past was due to the wrong shoes to run in. If you have a local running store it may be worth it to get properly fitted, etc. Again, you may have already done this. I have a Road Runner Sports store near me and they completely changed my mind as to what shoe I should be running in and it made a ton of difference – they took video of me running on the treadmill and everything. Very cool. And very worth it as it showed much more pronation (turning in) than I ever knew. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yeah, thanks Andy but your right…that road has been traveled. I use a Running Store, aptly called The Running Company. They are super great there- they actually have helped me a lot in the past with my knee stuff. You can go in and don’t ever feel pressured to buy. They don’t have any in your area but if you are ever down this way, I recommend them.

    I have been wearing Brooks Adrenalines since I first got fitted and started running and really like them. However, come May itll be about time for new shoes and I am thinking about getting something lighter…the Adrenalines are a little heavy in the sole, which is good for my feet because I tend to walk (and therefore run) with a lot of pronation, but I am hoping for something more “naked” as they call it while still being supportive enough for my knee. But keep the advice coming….can’t hurt!

  3. I’ve heard all good things about the Running Company and have considered heading to the Princeton location a bunch of times. I would like to think Road Runner is in the same vein – no/low pressure and extremely informative. At least they were for me.

    I ran in Brooks and can’t say I am a fan. I tried one pair (Trance) and hated them – too soft. Its the only shoe I have ever returned. I ended up getting the Brooks Beast – big, supportive shoe, but I did not like that one either and did not run much in it.

    I ran in New Balance for a bit but went over to Asics and fell in love with the Gel Evolution. I’ve run in the 3 & 4 models – the 4 being far superior. It is heavy and that is a bit of a drawback but it supports like no other shoe. Its well cushioned in the heel but a tad light in the forefoot. I am going to stick with the Evo….but there is a new Nike that intrigues me – the Zoom Nucleus – supposedly the most supportive Nike ever and a bit lighter than my Evo’s.

  4. just a note to say thanks….for reading the NS blog! I see you’re planning on running Philly Marathon this fall. That was my first too! I might do it again this year, we’ll see how it goes.
    Georgie Fear

  5. You’re welcome Georgie, thanks for taking the time to be truthful and educational!

    Yes, I am going to do Philly. I did the Rothman 8k this year and it was FREEZING…I said I would never do it again, but after a lot of thought I decided that if I was ever going to run a marathon it would be in NJ or PA…and that one works in my schedule and allows for plenty of time to prepare.

  6. Running outside can be the best. I can’t wait until I can! I am trying Active Release Technique regarding my ITBS, have you done it or heard about it?

  7. I have heard of ART, and I had some done in my PT…it is really good and I wish I could still get it…but it’s a bit pricey without insurance. I think that after big races though, it’ll be my treat to myself. How are you liking it?

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