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Speed Bumps and Successes

Despite a few set backs along the way, this week was fantastic AND I finished all my workouts for the week!!!

It’s weeks like this, when despite the hurdles I get through it, that make all the sacrifices worth it.  It’s weeks like this, that make the bad ones seem to disappear.  I wish I had a formula that would help me to always pull it together-this week was no different as far as time and life contraints but somehow I made it work.  I want more weeks like this!!  Other than school which is really overwhelming me right now, I really have no complaints.  Workouts were all good, got to run outside (thank you beautiful weather!) spent time with both friends and family, UNC is still in the Tourney and I had a fantastic four mile tempo run today with NO knee pain afterwards!!!

I would like to share a funny story that is an example of my life- chaotic no matter how well planned:

  • Friday was my inspection day for my old apartment (that I never have to go to again, ever!!) so I had taken the day off to get various errands done and finish up last minute things at the place before the inspector came.  I woke up extra early just as I had planned so I could fit in a work-out before the craziness of the day began.  I was up, ate a great breakfast and out the door right on time…without my keys. Crap! So there I was with all my stuff ready to go and I was locked out. Luckily, my friend Jess was willing to drive over and let me in with the key I gave her.  This put me about 30 minutes behind schedule, which I could work around, so no big deal  but then her key got stuck in my door.  Like really really stuck.  Good news was I was no longer locked out, bad news was we now had to get the stuck key out of the doorknob.  Fast forward about 30 more minutes- took the doorknob off the door and eventually after a lot of pulling and proding the key pops out.  Just when I thought the crisises were both averted- I realize that the door without a doorknob has shut, thus now locking me INSIDE my apartment.  It was like a scene from a movie but it was my life!  Eventually, thanks to good teamwork, Jess and I were able to open the door and reattach my doorknob.  In the end, my morning was completely shot.  Decided to move my swim to Sat (after aqua fit class!) and run later in the day outside (which was better anyway). 

This coming week is unfortunately not going to go as well as last- but knowing it in advance makes it less frustrating.  I have hours of school work to catch up on, two softball games and over the weekend my cousins are in a show and I have a family function on Sunday. Whew- I am exhausted just typing that!  My plan is to combine my two shorter runs into a long run and try to squeeze in a short tempo run at some point as well.  Probably going to cut down the bike mileage as well and the swim is up in the air.  Really going to try and get some strength training in but Yoga is a definite no go for this week.  If all goes well (which as you can see from the aforementioned story that it doesn’t always) I will be able to get all my workouts done in three days instead of my usual five.

What are some of your time management tips? 

Also, I tried the Tilapia- Little hard to get used to but I did like it.  I used a garlic/oregano/parm cheese mix to top it with but I am open to other suggestions as well!

3 thoughts on “Speed Bumps and Successes

  1. I just saw you’re running the DE half and Philly marathon (your first!). Philly was my first last year. I was actually thinking about running the DE half but I need to check with the coach. Do you live in DE?

  2. I live in South Jersey, not far from DE. I am really excited for it but also very nervous!

    PS- I am so hoping Philly isn’t as cold this year as it was last year. I ran the Rothman and PR’d…but I think it was just because I was so freezing cold!!

  3. Classic story! I did a similar thing last year locking my dog in a room as I worked on the lock. After like an hour trying to pry the door open with my dog going bonkers I ended up kicking it in….which was pretty cool too.

    Good luck this week…

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