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25 things- Swim-Bike-Run style

I am stealing this from RunMommyRun.  She did a 25 things-Run style and it was great to come across this today because I really wasn’t feeling this weeks TiaRT.  That was sort of a bummer since I missed last weeks and have been planning to start participating.  Next week maybe…

So here goes:

1: There are exactly 6 weeks left until my first half marathon. I am completely freaked out.

2: Some of the best people I have met are my teammates.

3: Before I got into Triathlon, I hadn’t ridden a bike in over 15 years.

4: I started swimming when I was 10 months old. Unlike most people, the swimming is my strongest event.

5: Even though I have participated in many 5k’s, 2 8k’s and am training for my first 10 miler and half, I still don’t consider myself a runner because I don’t think I am fast enough.

6: My teammates and I call our supporters “jockstrappers”– get it, athletic supporters….

7: My biggest jockstrappers are my Mom and Dad. One of my life’s highlights was seeing how proud of me they were when I finished my first Tri.

8: I am ridiculously scared of the bike, which makes it hard to train and is also why it is my weakest event.

9: I really wish I had made Philly Women’s Tri my first. I am looking very forward to it this year.

10: I am inspired by anyone who gets out there and races.  I hope somewhere out there, I inspire someone too.

11: I want to go to Kona…not to race, just to watch.

12: Even though I haven’t even finished my first half marathon, I have three more planned for the year.

13: My whole life has changed because of Triathlon.

14: In the beginning, I really didn’t like running. Now I look forward to my runs and hate to miss them.

15: I meticulously plan my workouts and if I think I am going to miss one I get really anxious.

16: I really love volunteering at races.

17: My favorite work out shirt says “Does this shirt make my butt look fast”.  When racing, I like to wear my “slow is the new fast” headband.

18: I think that Dick and Rick Hoyt are two of the most amazing people on earth. When I feel like I can’t push any harder I think of them.

19: I am awed by Chrissie Wellington and Sam McGlone. I would love to watch them cross a finish line.

20: One of the main reasons I started running was to do the Broad Street Run. I will get to do that on May 3.

21: The day of my first half marathon is exactly one year to the day from when I ran my first 5k.

22: I PR’d at my Rothman 8k last November while running on a bum knee. I paid for it by not being able to run for another 3 months.

23:  I talk about triathlon and running entirely too much. That is one reason I started this blog.

24: At the finish of my first tri, I emphatically stated “I am never doing that again”. It took be about 20 minutes to start planning my next race. I have three/four tri’s planned for this year.

25: I genuinely like reading other athlete’s blogs and I want to thank anyone who takes the time to read mine.  I appreciate the feedback and LOVE when I see myself on someones blog roll.

Oh and one extra….

26: Finishing REALLY IS winning 🙂

Ok….your turn!!!


7 thoughts on “25 things- Swim-Bike-Run style

  1. Don’t be freaked out! You’re going to do great at the half!! Cute that it’s falling on your 5K anniversary. Wonder what you’ll be running next year!

  2. This is so cool! I need to do this kind of list.

    I’m the same way with biking. I’m just a late starter. And every time I ride, it feels like an accomplishment.

  3. Great list! You’ll be fine for your half…and enjoy the other three you have planned. 🙂

    I have a friend who lives in Philly and has talked about the Broad Street Run before. 🙂 🙂

  4. That’s an awesome list!

    You’re a runner… own it and claim it! If you have run that many events and you even started a blog to chronicle that aspect of life, you’re definitely a runner. Speed doesn’t matter.

    I’ve seen that “make my butt look fast” shirt and I’ve wanted it so many times. I love that company though – http://www.onemoremile.net/ – They have some great sayings! I always see them at race expos and keep meaning to talk to them, but their booth is always packed!

  5. I love this! We have many things in common except that you are pretty far ahead of me. I’m strongest in the swim too and freaked out by the bike. My first tri is in less than a week, next Saturday. I’m freaked out but ready, I think, after biking/running this morning in the wind.
    Best of luck on your half marathon. I’m sure you’ll do great.

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