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Better Than I Thought

I was right about one thing…this past week was busy busy busy.  I am looking very forward to Spring Break beginning this Friday 🙂

Given how busy I knew I would be I was prepared to miss some workouts, and I did, but it turned out much better than I thought.  

The goods:

  • My team, UNC Tarheels, are going to the NCAA Championship!!!!!
  • I completed my first brick of the season.  I hate bricks but it is where I need the most work- the fact that I got through the first one is good news.
  • I had a great run on Sunday morning.  I love running outside and I love running in the morning.  It was even better because the weather was near perfect.  The best part is, I am finally consistently pacing under 11:00/miles…with one month left till Broad Street I am really hoping to be back @ 10:00/mile and I am starting to believe that is possible!
  • Got in some extra strength training which I have been lacking as of late. 
  • My ab work is really paying off…I was trying on bathing suits and could definitely see a difference.
  • My girls won their softball game. Winning is fun 🙂

The bads:

  • Not that it is necessarily a “bad” since I was prepared for it, but I didn’t get my swim in, missed Yoga and had to nix a run.  Basically it was exactly what I had prepared for- and even though that made it less frustrating, it still sucks to miss workouts.
  •  I was all set two times this week to swim but still didn’t swim. The first time the pool was packed (like two people in every lane packed) and on Saturday I planned to go to the gym later (after aqua-fit) but woke up super early and didn’t want to wait around just so I could swim.  The upside that is in place of the swimming I did my extra strength training. So more like a trade-off, not so much a bad.

I am really looking forward to this week and next week because I have quite a bit of time off work and I have so much to get done!  I desperately need to catch up on schoolwork and housework.  Hopefully they will both be good workout weeks as well.

I realize how boring this post is now that I have reread it…hopefully I will have something more exciting to talk about later. I am actually in the process of compiling some questions I have in hopes I can get some good feedback.  Stay tuned….


4 thoughts on “Better Than I Thought

  1. Packed lanes & Aqua Fit stinks!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have skipped swimming for the same reason. I used to love UNC. Love, love, love them but I cannot stand Roy Williams and did not like how he became coach so I have moved away from rooting them on….sorry.

  2. Oh no Andy!!!! I like Roy, I really do…and I wasn’t bothered when he wore his Kansas shirt to the final game last year after they were beat by them like a lot of people were. They had a hard time after Dean Smith left and I think Roy Williams has done a great job. Gutheridge came into a winning team- having had great players in Carter and Jamison and then things fell apart with Doherty (bad time to be a UNC fan..had to really stick that out!!). I think Roy has really brought back some of the Dean Smith way around Carolina.

    Diana…everytime I read your blog I am jealous of your work. Last year, I finally got to see a game when they were up here to play UPenn. My dad has been a fan since forever, and I was born wearing light blue…I got him tickets for his birthday. It was such an amazing time!!!

    I really think they can take it tonight- at least I (obviously) hope so…not only are they my team but I hate Mich. St.

    Whew…see how I get when I talk UNC!!!!

  3. Congrats to UNC….but I still don’t like Roy! I was a big, big Matty Doherty fan, so that is why I soured on UNC and Roy Williams. I was happy for Hansbrough – classy kid and I am glad he came back for his Senior Year and to close things out like this.

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