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Ouch- blisters!

This past Sunday I ran 4 miles and when it was all said and done I had a small little blister on my foot. Not such a big deal; threw on some ointment and went about my week.  Then I ran 4 miles yesterday and when I pulled off my sock that small little blister was now a very angry (much bigger) blister.  It doesn’t help that it is located on the bottom side of my foot and that I have to wear heels to work. OMG- it is painful killing me!!!

So Internet blogger friends…I need advice- how do you deal with blisters?  Do you wear certain socks?  Have any tried and true methods of avoiding blisters?   Currently I wear Nike socks and Brooks Adrenaline shoes.  When I was a skater I would get blisters all the time, but I had special pads to wear in my skates that would help ward them off or alleviate them when I did have them.  Is there anything like this in the running world??

A few other random notes:

-I have Yoga tonight and I am really looking foward to it.  Each time I go I get a little better and make a little less of a fool of myself 🙂  Plus, with my busy schedule, the relaxation time is much needed.

-Spring break starts in 1.5 days! I am out of my mind excited. Even if most of my time will be spent writing three papers, I will still be able to sleep in a few days, get caught up on housework and have no problem getting my workouts in.

-I also plan to try a few new recipes over break from AthlEAT and LiteBites.  They are always posting yummy homeade foods and I never have the time to set aside to make them.

That’s all for now…hope everyone is enjoying their hump-day 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ouch- blisters!

  1. hey! first off – let me know what recipe you try!

    as far as blisters…my favorite running socks are Thorlos. I havent had too many blisters, but when I do…I get the second skin/bandaid type things for them.

    so cool you are doing the Baltimore half!! maybe I will see you there! 🙂

  2. I used to get a lot of blisters but now I wear wright socks (running II version) and use body glide on my feet and rarely get them. Hope you find your blister free fix soon! they are not fun 😦

  3. In my experience, I can wear the worst socks for running, but if my shoes are right, I won’t get any blisters. Feet do feel much better in wicking socks… Shoes, though, are the key to perfectly happy feet. Always. If your shoe does not fit perfectly, even the most perfect sock in the world will not prevent blisters, unfortunately.

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