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Food Shopping Fun…and a Fantastic dessert

Today I got my workout in and after doing my friends hair I decided it would be a good afternoon for food shopping. It had been pouring since I woke up and wasn’t showing any signs of stopping.  So food shopping it was. 

First thing that must be understood about me is that I have serious food shopping methods. I shop at three-four different places (today was Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and for everyday random stuff, ShopRite) and it can become an all day event. I cut lots of coupons, look for sales and compare just about everything.   It is time consuming but so worth it when I see how much I get for my money.  As far as I am concerned, good food shopping takes patience. Mostly, I LOVE looking around and just seeing what there is to buy.  I hate to feel rushed and I love when I find new goodies! 

I went out today armed with my regular list, plus my list of foods to try (ie: things I have been writing down from others blogs).  Trying new foods has been really exciting for me; there was a period of time when I would hardly eat anything outside of grilled cheese.  Thanks to the many good blogs I have been reading I get enticed by the great pictures and descriptions, so much so that I just have to try them!  Today’s trip was a huge success!  Amongst many other things, I picked up the BetterNPeanut Butter I have been looking for and my new found favorite treat; Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims which I recently read about on Lauren’s blog. 

By the time I was done shopping, I was so excited I didn’t know what to eat first!  There were so many options, old and new, but in the end I went with Tilapia and a side spinach salad. I already had the Tilapia out and didn’t want it to go to waste.  It was really good which made me happy with my choice. Being that my dinner was so healthy, I allowed myself to splurge a little on a FANTASTIC dessert.   I am not one to post pictures of my food (in fact I don’t think I have ever even taken a picture of my food) but my snack tonight looked so good that I actually took a picture. I admire my foodie blog friends for doing this on a regular basis 🙂

This is 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream with 1/8 cup crushed peanuts and 3 pretzel slims.  I would like to personally thank Lauren for introducing me to this devil of a snack! These are in a word: Amazing!!  And I added a little squirt of whipped cream too 🙂  It was so good. I enjoyed every single bite!



5 thoughts on “Food Shopping Fun…and a Fantastic dessert

  1. thanks so much for the shout out! and YES – those dark chocolate pretzel slims are the DEVIL. I think I may have to head to TJs today during lunch to pick up more now that they are in my head. 😉

    and I am so glad you liked the tomato cream sauce…I think greek yogurt is definitely an acquired taste and it will just take you trying out different ways that you enjoy it. good luck!

  2. That looks good! I am a wicked serious food shopper myself and have been known to frequent a few different places to get everything I need – with coupons in hand of course.

  3. I too have started doing the same thing – writing down new foods from blogs and then I scour the town looking for them. I’m going to add Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims to my list too, thanks!

  4. I am the same way when I go shopping, especially when I head to TJ. I need to plan what I am going to make for meals otherwise I get a grocery overload and want everything.

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