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TiaRT and today’s run…

Today’s TiaRT is: Running Blogs – How and Why?  Share your tips for how you use your blog to help your running.   Talk about how/why you started, what keeps you blogging and how you use it to keep you running.

The whole reason I started a blog was to keep track of my progress.  It was originally just going to be a journal of sorts, not public to anyone else, but then I started to google running/triathlon blogs and the results were amazing.   I began seeing that many people had been where I was at some point or were currently in the same position.  I loved the idea of connecting with people who enjoyed the same activities I did- I knew it would be a great opportunity to learn from others.

There are two things that keep me blogging and they coincide with keeping me running (or in my case…biking and swimming and running).  One is the accountability piece.  I touched on this subject not too long ago in my accountability post .  This blog keeps me honest and on track.  My second reason for blogging is community.  I belong to a team of wonderful people who are share in the love of sports- here I have a virtual team of equally wonderful people who share that love.  There are people who read my blog and get excited for my progress in the same way that I get excited for theirs.  The people I have “met” through blogging…they know how hard a brick is, they know that blisters are the devil, they can tell you the difference between Gu’s and Clif’s and best of all they know what it feels like to be a part of something that once was, or still is, bigger than themselves.   I have gained so much knowledge through reading other blogs and sharing stories and I am constantly inspired by other athletes.

I have only been at this for a few short months so I don’t have a whole lot to share…but what I can say is that having this blog is a big part of my recovery from injury.  Having this blog is a big part of my improvements as an athlete.  I did this stuff before I had a blog sure, but now through what I am learning I feel I can do so much more!


Today I ran 6 miles at 10:26 pace= 62:34. The first 3 miles I ran in 31:30 and the second 3 miles in 31:04.  

Although I am happy with my times, I just didn’t feel right throughout the entire run.  No pain…nothing like that, just not right.  I know we all have our days but I was disappointed because I had been looking forward to this run.  It seemed everything was just off from the moment I woke up.  Throughout the entire run I just felt…not myself.  I attribute this all to my stress level and I really think once school is over (3 weeks!!!) I will feel much better!

Off for lunch and then more paper writing. Presentation tonight means one paper down and two to go!!

Hope everyone gets a chance to get out and enjoy this sun- it is FABULOUS out here in New Jersey!!!

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