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Big News, Randomness and Remembering

For this Sunday’s post, which is usually my week in review, I just want to talk about some stuff. I have had a big week and I feel like there is just so much to talk about.  I am breaking it up into two sections:  swim-bike-run related and non-related. This will probably be a long post- so there is your warning.

Swim-Bike-Run Related:

  • Here is the big news: I bought my first road bike!!! This is huge for two reasons.  The first reason is because a year ago the bike I had been using was a simple mountain bike from Target; something to get me used to riding, since before I decided to do a Tri I hadn’t ridden a bike in @ 15 years! The second reason this is so huge, is that I almost never spend that kind of money on myself.  For Christmas my parents had given me some money towards this purchase, which was a HUGE help, but it was and still is a tough financial pill to swallow.  And I will probably taste that pill at least for a while.  But I know that it is going to be so worth it when I am racing- I just KNOW it can only get betterJ.  My confidence is soaring, whereas before it was almost non-existent.   There are a lot of things I could have done with that money- most of it money that I saved for over a year, but I really think that in the end, this was a good purchase.
  • I also bought my heart monitor this weekend- a Polar RS100. I told you it was a big week!!  Now I just have to set it up and use it!
  • This past week was my Spring Break so I was able to get a lot accomplished as far as catching up on housework and school work.  It also gave me a chance to get all my workouts in- the best part was being able to take yesterday as a day off. My usually days off are the nights I am in class…but this week I went in the morning and it gave me a free weekend day.  Glorious!
  • This past week I ran really well.  Obviously, with the 10-miler and ½ coming up quick I have been concentrating mostly on my runs.  This week, due to break, I was able to swim and bike too, but this upcoming week I will be much crazier. I have 2 runs planned and hoping for at least one bike.
  • Bragging time:  Today I had 2 miles on the schedule.  2 miles is weird…not enough time to get in a groove so I usually do intervals. Today, instead of intervals, I decided to go out and run 2-miles at race pace or harder.  Basically I was going to go as hard as I could all 2 miles. Results: 2 miles in 18:38!!!! 9:19 pace!!!! HOLY CRAP!! I kept looking at the watch to make sure I was reading it right.  Now I’m a smart girl, I know I can’t keep that pace up for ten or thirteen miles…but this is better than what I was running before I was injured.  Talk about a confidence boost!!! Ok…ok…I know, it was only 2 miles and I know 9 minute miles are slow for most people…but for me…WOW- I am so happy.
  • Tonight for dinner I ate completely housed 1/3 of a pizza from Trader Joes- it’s called Formaggi 4cheese and I read about it on both Lauren’s page and someone else’s who I can’t remember off the top of my head (remind me if it’s you…I love giving credit where credit is due J ).  This is the closest thing I have ever had to Delivery and 1/3 seemed small at first but I am stuffed from it!  I added oregano and olive oil and it was delicious!!!  The only downside is that while low in calories and high in fiber, it was a bit high in fat- even still; it was good enough that I will be buying it again and I wrapped up the leftovers and will definitely be eating them for lunch this week.


  • I found out this past week that I am the recipient of the Louis Forman Humanities Award at my University.  I was in such shock that I actually almost called the college to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.  I am pretty much the least involved college student ever, and while I do get good grades and carry a high GPA, I guess I just didn’t think anyone noticed my hard work. Before class on Thursday, I asked my professor if he knew anything about it. He did. It’s mine. I won an award. It goes to “an evening student who achieves academic excellence and is dedicated to their education while working full time” and I won it!!! Wow.
  • Speaking of school- this semester needs to be over now. It is taking over my life and I am starting to go insane. I am serious. Two more papers and a final- 3 weeks and counting.
  • Spring Break was so nice- actually sleeping in (sleeping in is anything past 530am when I usually get up on work days) and getting 8-9 hours sleep a night was amazing! Being able to work out in the morning which is my favorite and enjoying hot breakfasts was just awesome. And now it is over and I am sad. Back to the super busy, 12-16 hour days, cereal or meal bar every morning and 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  Bleh!
  • Okay, now…not to be all depressing, but I just have to talk about this for a little. Today is the anniversary of the OKC bombings.  It is so hard to believe. What is even harder to believe is that tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of the Columbine attacks.  That blows me away.  Those attacks, though I lived nowhere near them…and there had been attacks before and there have been attacks since, it was for sure a defining part of my senior year of high school and even still it resonates with me still so strongly.  I work in a middle school and I constantly think of Columbine whenever there is a problem in the building.  Unfortunately, many people have become complacent about school shootings (even though they still happen) and though schools try to prepare, there is still a wide-spread “it can’t happen to me” mentality.   Sometimes I get made fun of for being so on alert for school shootings, but honestly, it isn’t that I am alert- I am scared to death that it could happen in my school, or a school where a loved one works or attends.  Long before the Virginia Tech Shooting, I was already picking my seat in class by its safety.  Never right next to the door, but never in a corner and always with easy access to a door or window. I will admit, I am slightly neurotic about it, and maybe too scared- but at least I am aware. I am aware that it could be me, or a loved one, or you. And that awareness scares me. And it reminds me of the 13 people who died inside a school where they were supposed to be safe.  And that was just in Columbine.  So in honor of Columbine and all the other school shootings, this is me…trying to spread some awareness. And hoping, truly hoping, it never has to happen again.

Ok…I think that is it.  I am sure I missed something.  I find myself throughout the day thinking “oh I need to write that in my blog” but then I forget half of it! This is enough for now though. For those of you still reading, thanks for being loyal J

PS- Boston Runnersà GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!!!

5 thoughts on “Big News, Randomness and Remembering

  1. Congratulations on the award!! You’ll have to post some pictures of your new road bike. I really need to get one to and completely understand how hard it is to part ways with your money!

  2. Thanks for sharing that last bullet point. I always thought I was a worry-wort. I am considering going back to school to become a teacher and the same thoughts are always in the back of my head. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is always on high alert.
    Congrats on the Bike!!

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