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It keeps getting better…

Quick post @ 2 things.

1- Congrats to everyone who ran Boston…I had a great time watching (and barely got any work done while it was on my computer!) and listening.  I will touch on this more Thursday as part of TiaRT.

2- Even though I was exhausted today after work and a (very long) softball game, I got in a run before the sun went down. Have I mentioned how much I love the later lighter days!!!  Even though I was tired, I ran 3 miles in 28:30…a 9:30 pace!!  A little over a year ago when I started this journey, I was running at @ 15 min/miles.  This milestone is especially huge since I had been injured and out of commission for @ 3 months.  There has been positive progress since I started running again in February, but even up to a month ago, I honestly never thought I would pace this fast consistently.  I am convinced there is no stopping me!! 

Hope everyone has a good hump-day tomorrow 🙂

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