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To IPod or Not to Ipod….

I am usually one of those people who do not wear an ipod when racing because I am a person who tends to be afraid of not following the rules.  However, I have been debating wearing the ipod during my half.  My recently compiled set of songs for my half-marathon training has been really keeping me motivated on my runs and I think it does/will make a difference in my timing. I often read that ipods or headsets are restricted (as it states for my half as well) but then I see SO many people wearing them. Ok, I know this doesn’t make it right but now that I am debating this with myself I am curious to know your thoughts about wearing ipods while racing…is it a do or a don’t?  I welcome your thoughts, opinions and advice.

8 thoughts on “To IPod or Not to Ipod….

  1. I didn’t wear my ipod at my race last weekend, because, like you, I was following the rules and they said not to. I understand that on the bike, but not sure I get it for the run (unless it’s because some of us would pace faster, or more consistently in my case, with music.) I did, however, bring my ipod and listen to my running music before the race to get pumped up.
    I didn’t notice other people at this race wearing them either but I didn’t pay close attention. Maybe poll other runners at registration or before the race starts to see what the real rules are.

  2. Jill,

    I’m a friend of AC’s and saw your comments, and followed to your blog. I am against running with an IPOD, for a number of reasons. First in the race, you do need to be able to hear directions and folks around you. Assume if you will you are listening to your tunes, and going toward an aid station, but you don’t hear the person behind you, and then bump into them, and you both go down.
    Also I think it is important to listen to your body while you train, and listen to your heart rate, your breathing, and that can be impacted while ear buds are in place. Finally if you get in the habit, there can be dangers of running outside of the racing circuit. You want to be able to hear everything around you in the world.
    Sorry for the downer, but I really believe they are a hazard, and that folks need to get a DQ more often when they wear them. I admit I will often hum song on the bike for that extra motivation!

  3. Same here, just have been trying to follow the rules. I believe it is mostly a safety rule so you can hear and be aware of any issues. I wouldn’t think it would be for an advantage in pacing because I have yet to see a rule book that says we can’t wear a garmin!

  4. I don’t wear mine during races either, but I find that I don’t need it…the whole atmosphere is enough to keep me pumped, being surrounded by all those runners who are just as excited as I am. But I’ve only ever done shorter distances…see me after my first half and I’ll let you know how I feel about it then. 🙂

  5. I am aware of the saftey stuff, and I get it…I am sure it happens. The thing is, if kept at a low volume I can still hear my surroundings. I always train with one…I see what you’re saying Keith, but I do listen to my body when I am running and I don’t think the music interferes. I’m going to bring them to both Broad Street and my 1/2 and just check out the other runners. Then I’ll just go with the flow.

    ps- Dan I agree…NEVER in a tri!!

  6. I’m all for WEARING them, BUT only if you have the volume low enough where you can hear people around you and generally aren’t going to be “racing”. I’ve never done a tri before, but I would think enough is going on where it would be more of a hindrance than a help.

    I agree with NOT allowing them because people behind may be asking you to “move over” or “look out I’m going to puke on you” those are two good reasons, but are eliminated if the sound is lowered. Then of course there is the safety deal, which I think if there is something that crazy, most people are going to SEE that something is wrong and react appropriately regardless of ipods.

    I race with my ipod, but only for logging purposes. I don’t wear headphones during a race. If I were racing just for fun however, I would wear them without hesitation. If race events are worried about the ipod falling, most people have them secured to their arm, mine is on a clip and hasn’t fallen off since I got it 2 years ago.

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