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Early Morning Week in Review

At some point every Sunday night, I take a few moments to reflect on my previous week.  This reflection, for the most part, becomes my week in review post.   One thing different about this week’s review: it is 830am as I write this.  I am writing early today because I have a busy day and a paper to write tonight; I don’t want to get caught up writing this later and lose valuable paper-writing time.  I have already procrastinated enough! 

Coming off Spring Break I knew it was back to the grind- and was it ever!!  This past week was filled to the brim with school-work, softball and life in general.  Week nights were all late nights and both weekend nights were spent studying.  I need my life back!  Have I mentioned my need for the semester to be over?!?!?!

I am happy to report that I did get in all my training runs and I am going to bike for an hour later this morning and do some strength training.  In reality that means I only had to forgo one bike and the swim.  I have been really bad at getting swims in and I while it is my strongest discipline, I know I need to get more on top of my swim training.  Right now though, all my concentration is on my upcoming 10-miler and half-marathon.  Any biking and/or swimming I fit in are all a bonus.  As long as my runs are completed then I feel accomplished.  After May 17 it will be back to a three-discipline focus.  And by then school will be out for the semester.  And that will make me a very happy girl J

This week I ran really well but had some pain for the first time in almost a month which kind of freaked me out. 

 My Tuesday run went really well.  I felt good, paced great and was generally just happy to be out running.  I felt really on.  I finished at just about sub-30 minute 5k pace which is a major goal for me this year. 

Yesterday’s run was completely the opposite.  I went out for 8 miles and right from the beginning I just felt off.  Despite feeling off, I was running great- keeping my pace @ 10min for each mileà that is until that familiar pain began to surface.  It was right around mile 6 and it totally ruined my mental game; all I could think about was the pain in my knee.  I pushed through for one more mile but called it a day after 7…I just didn’t want to push it with these important races looming.  I ended up with 7miles in an hour and sixteen minutes- that last mile killed my time/pace and really bummed me out.  I was really concerned about how this would affect my 10-miler next week and if I could even run it (ugh-negative mental thoughts!) but I came home and iced me knee and when I woke up today it felt good as new. 

Even though I feel great today, I certainly don’t want to push it; therefore I have decided to treat my 10-mile race next week as a training run for my half.  As much as I might want to get out and push it or “race” per say, I am going to just enjoy being there.  Broad Street is a race I have looked forward to for over a year, so just being a part of it is exciting for me.  Like with every race I enter, the ultimate goal is to finish.  That is always goal #1. For Broad Street, goal #2 is to enjoy the run as a training run.  This upcoming week I will take it light with training and focus on mental preparation.

How do you mentally prepare?


Hope everyone has a great week!  Hopefully you are all enjoying equally amazing weather 🙂

Also, best wishes to Rebekah…she is running OKC Marathon today (her first!) and has been through a lot to get there- I hope you rock it Rebekah!

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