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You know how some days you just wake up feeling like poo- that’s me today.  Nothing physically wrong with me, I just mentally feel like crap.  I am feeling very negative today.  It is probably all the stress I have been under with school and life in general, mixed together with some anxiety about these upcoming races.   I just want to go back to sleep and have a do-over and wake up positive. 

I am really getting nervous about Broad Street (5 days) and my half (19 days).  I have worked so hard to get where I am and I feel really frustrated by the fact that I was feeling some pain during last Saturday’s run.  It feels like a slap in the face; I did everything right, I stretch and ice and continue to do everything they told me to do.  I had a month of totally pain free running and then BAM a week before a race I feel it.  And the worst part is, it is affecting my mental focus.  I keep reminding myself to treat Broad Street like a training run for the half; have fun, don’t focus on time and stay positive, but for some reason I am really struggling with that today.  Hopefully it’s just a funk. I am going to go out and run a (very) easy 3 miles tomorrow and I am hoping it lifts my spirits a bit.

*sigh* I am done whining now.  Tomorrow day and hopefully a better one.

I asked in my last post about tips for self-motivation- I sure could use them right about now.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Poo.

  1. Sounds like you may need a day or two off to clear the mind – or definitely keep just the easy run as planned. Maybe even repeat that again in your next run to help get your mental focus back and let your body recover. Good luck!

  2. I’ve noticed lately while I’ve been working out I start talking to myself in my head and cheering myself on. That might be some self-motivation 🙂

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