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Broad Street Race Report

 I did it!!! I ran my first 10-miler 🙂

 Finish Time: 1:45:43-10:34 pace (official chip time); 1:41:32-10:09 pace (my watch time, which I stopped when I took a pee break!).

Overall: 17185/23079

Females: 7703/11710

Age: 2152/3187

Pre-Race: Woke up at 4:30am and was out of bed by 4:45. Had a simple breakfast; cheerios and a ½ English muffin with BetterNPeanut Butter with a Vitamin Water.  Drove over to my friend’s house and headed over to PA around 6:15.  We parked at the finish and took the subway to the start- scored a seat on the subway too. 🙂  Once we were there we had about an hour to get warmed up, get in some more fluids and have our gear checked.  At this point it was only drizzling a little bit and by start time it wasn’t raining at all.  Right before the first corral started I decided to pee, along with about 3,000 other people, and got back in my corral just as we were getting ready to go.

Race: The first mile flew by and I was feeling really good. The hardest part was bobbing and weaving through all the people- it was SO crowded.  I took a few elbows to the face/shoulders/arm/chest areas but kept on pushing.  I had told myself to not look at my watch until at least mile five, but at mile three I peeked and I was @29:00.  I was stoked.  As I came into mile five I checked and I was at 50:00 even- pacing right at 10/min miles!!  I decided to slow it down a little because I could feel some tightness in my knee, so I used it as an opportunity to take a GU and call my mom to update her.  Of course she was so excited for me and it gave me that much more motivation to keep going.  I picked it back up and kept a good solid pace until I started to get the pee-pains.  I knew I was going to have to go but I didn’t want to wait in line…finally I found a potty with a very small line and hopped in real quick. Shortly after, around mile seven, the skies opened up and the downpour began!  It definitely made it harder to run but at that point there was no stopping me.   Coming into mile nine I was really feeling it in my knee so I took another breather.  I made another quick call to my mom for another dose of motivation and off I went.  I walked a little and then it was time for the home stretch.  I was so motivated by the crowd coming into the Navy Yard that I couldn’t help but to be smiling.  The minute I saw the finish line I started to tear up- all the emotions just hit me at once.  How far I have come and how much I have improved and what it has taken to get here…I was so overwhelmed and so proud of myself.

Post-Race: It was really cold and raining so hard by the time I came through that once I got my food bag I just wanted to find my friend and get in a warm car.  With so many people it was just pure chaos (I panic in chaos) and my friend and I had a hell of a time finding each other.  After about 20 mins we finally met up, picked up our bags from gear bus and then headed back to the car.  Finally heat and a warm change of clothes!  I came home, ate a huge bowl of pasta and took a nap.  Now I am icing my knee and getting ready for a good night’s sleep.

Race Pro’s:

  • he supporters are AMAZING…so many people stood in that weather and cheered us on.  It was just awesome.
  • Running with so many people is something that can’t be explained.  When you see so many people running it just keeps you going.  I met and chatted with a lot of great people along the way!
  • The race is mostly flat and has a lot of downhills. I like flat and downhill!

Race Con’s

  • There was very little water at the first 3 water stops which was obviously not fun. 
  • It was raining- nothing to do with the race itself, but rain like that while running is never a good time.  Makes it a lot more slippery and therefore slower.

Overall:  I am really happy I did this race.  Despite the chaos and the rain, it was so much fun. Initially I had wanted to finish between 1:40 and 1:50 but I had been telling myself I would be using this as a training run so in my head I figured if I finished before 2 hours I would be happy.  However, my knee was feeling great and I was running well so I decided to just go with how I felt.  I ran most of it, jogged some of it and walked when I had to.  I am SUPER thrilled with my performance and my finish time.  I feel so confident about my ½ despite that at the current moment I am not even sure I will be able to walk tomorrow!! I definitely need my legs back- ibuprofen and ice are on the menu for me tonight!

There were many, many people running races today; Broad Street, NJ Marathon, Eugene Marathon, Flying Pig, and Lehigh Valley to name a few.  Congrats to you all!!!!


9 thoughts on “Broad Street Race Report

  1. Great race report! Thanks for following me and I look forward to reading more about you and your running and races! Keep up the great running and just remember to always believe in yourself… believe in the run and have fun! Happy Running!

  2. CONGRATS!!! That’s awesome! And yes, I have been up very late procrastinating, writing papers, studying, and reading blogs of course! And that definitely involves extremely unhealthy eating.. but I’m pretty sure I need it to just get through the night! Good luck with all your papers and stuff!


  3. Congratulations! 10 miles is such a huge accomplishment! I’m so inspired by you. I’ve only just started racing, and I can’t imagine ever running 10 miles…but you are such an inspiration! Thank you.

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