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I finally have my legs back!!

Not much has been going on since the race as far as work-outs are concerned (and by not much, I mean nothing!) but life sure has been busy!

-First and foremost thanks to everyone who commented about my race- all your positive thoughts means so much!

-Now that I have my legs back (I was SO sore Monday and Tuesday) I feel ready to get back into the swing of things.  I am still a little sore today but I plan to get back to the gym tomorrow or Friday.  Spin class, some strength and hopefully a run will take place over the weekend.

-Having successfully finished the 10-miler, I feel more confident than ever about the half marathon.  What’s three more miles right? Right???

-Speaking of the half marathon…it is 11 days away! I remember when I signed up thinking how far away it was and now here it is right on the horizon!

-I am in the home stretch of school- one final and two papers from being finished this semester. WOO-HOO!

-Definitely going through some stuff on the family front.  Tough times and I am just trying to stay hopeful.  Please keep us in your thoughts.  We will take all the prayers we can get so send em our way 🙂

-Just out of curiosity- many of you are always posting about companies sending you food samples and etc.  How do you get involved with these companies?   


I hope everyone is having a good week, despite the rain in most of the US  (I know the East Coast is getting hit hard!).  Sunshine is on the way!!


3 thoughts on “I finally have my legs back!!

  1. Moms are awesome. 🙂

    As a mom to two young boys, I can’t imagine not being excited about their accomplishements. I love to be their biggest cheerleader!

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