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My (lack of) Training

I struggle with sticking to a training schedule.  If you follow my blog you know this already; if you are new to my blog you can read about my struggles here or here

I have yet to figure out why sticking to a training schedule is such a problem for me.  In all other aspects of my life I live and die by a schedule.  I like to know exactly what I am going to be doing at all times.  I hate when I don’t have a plan for my day/week…etc.  I really hate when my day is planned but then doesn’t go as planned.  The whole obsesssion with time is a little type-A I know; that is what makes it so confusing- why is it different with training? I have no idea. None. But I better get with the program. Literally.

Up until now I have been solely focused on running.  I took a few spin classes and put in some time on the stationary bike but I just took my first outside bike ride this past week and I have hardly swam at all in the last two months.  With only 6weeks left until my first tri of the season, I really need to get it together. 

In an attempt to save myself from a complete training FAIL, I have devised a new plan.  This combines both the need to train all three disciplines along with a bit of flexibility.  I am going to continue to use the run-focused olympic tri schedule that I began with earlier this year, but I am not going to designatate specific workouts to specific days.  Instead, I am going to focus on just getting the work-outs done each week.  2 bikes, 2 swims and 3 runs a week + strength training 2-3 times a week.  Maybe this will be better than being tied to specific workouts each day.  At least I hope so because if this doesn’t work I don’t know what will.   So it better friggin work!


Does anyone else struggle with their workouts/schedule?

11 thoughts on “My (lack of) Training

  1. My deal is I have to have a plan laid out. Like one from smart coach at Runner’s World.com or something. I am very self motivated if i have paid for a race already and have the training plan in front of me. Also helps to run with people who hold you accountable. I am working on that one. Good luck. And there is always the mantra of shut up and run. Don’t think to much about it or you’ll psych yourself out. Just do it.

  2. So true Beth! I do follow a beginner triathlete plan and I do faithfully train…I just can’t seem to stick to a schedule. Sometimes on a run day I want to bike or visa versa…or I need a rest day but it’s a swim day. Hopefully adding some flexibility will help me out. Thanks for the support 🙂

  3. You know I do… And the idea of just trying to get the required workouts done within the week is a great one. It doesn’t always work to place the same workouts on the exact same days each week. I think having that flexibility in your training is a good plan anyway since it will help you to adapt if the unexpected happens when you’re in an actual event!

  4. I used to be married to my schedule, I too, love having my day planned. However, now that I’ve done back to back marathons, I’m ready to give up my schedule starting next week.

    I actually have planned exactly what you have planned! I’m going to work on 2-3 of each swim, bike and run a week. Plus, at least one brick workout and 2 strength sessions. I found an awesome weights class at the gym on Thursdays but still need to get in one other session, not sure when. I love my new “plan.” Hopefully we can both record how this works for us =).

  5. I know for me, following a schedule sometimes takes the fun out of it. There are days when I just want to run – not because I have to, but because I want to. It’s the feeling like you HAVE to that makes it a drag. I just keep reminding myself about how good I’ll feel afterwards and how far I’ve come, and that’s usually all the motivation I need to stay on track. Let me tell ya, I’ll be glad when this half is over…then I’ll have a whole month of rest where I can do whatever I want with no pressure before starting my marathon training.

  6. I schedule my strength training & runs just like an appointment for work, etc. That, of course, is easier said than done and there were plenty of weeks where I had to adjust on the fly. Part of it – for me at least – was cutting back. Some of my goals were unrealistic given the amount of time and energy I could commit, so I have scaled back considerably the last few weeks. I basically made a decision to do fewer things better instead of spreading myself thin. This has kept burnout at bay and really improved performance in the activities I kept. So long winded suggestion here is maybe you should cut back a bit.

  7. I always seem to have problems sticking to my plan exactly. But, I think that it is important to be flexible because things come up and it is tough to say that you always have to run on a particular day, etc. I think your new plan sounds fantastic. When I was training for my tri – it was always a full week and is tough to do everything religiously. As long as you do most of it – you should be fine! good luck! 🙂

  8. I am with you on this. I struggle to stick perfectly to my training plan. I get tired or burnt out, or too busy. And I’m an uber planner so it totally stresses me out when I get off scedule. I have no advice, but I think you’ll be okay 😉

  9. I struggle a lot with my plan. I have a hard time motivating myself if I don’t have something to train for, but at the same time, I also find myself struggling to stick with the training. I think I tend to overschedule myself in life in general and my running is the easist thing to justify dropping.

    I find that if I commit to running with others, it makes me more accountable. I’m still seeking the perfect trick, however.

  10. I’m training much the way you are. I set a plan each week to get in the bike 2x, swim 2x and run 2-3x. For me, setting a schedule that I can’t shift around just doesn’t work for me.

  11. Hi, I’m a brand new reader! I totally hear your struggles with sticking to a training plan. It’s always easy to come up with a plan, but follow through is a whole different story. I tested out this new thing in the beginning of the year and so far it’s worked out: Print out a calendar with your workouts on it (month view) and display it where you can’t miss it. As you complete each workout, mark it off with a red check or happy face whatever. Mark off the workouts you miss with a HUGE red X. I thought it was really silly at first, but when it came down to it…I really didn’t like seeing the big red Xs. Kept me in line for the past 5 months! Hope that helps a little 🙂 Good luck!!

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