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Scott Coffee 8k Race Report

Yesterday was the Scott Coffee 8k, a race that I now plan to run every year. I ran it last year and lets just say my performance was less than stellar!  This year was a much better showing for me 🙂

Finish Time: 50:02

Overall: 652/778

Gender: 231/296

Age: 42/53

Considering last year I was 4th from last overall and last in my age group (I used to be really embarassed by that) I have REALLY come a long way.  Once again, what a difference a year makes! 

Pre-Race: I stayed at my parents house because my mom was coming to cheer me on and they live closer to the town where the race was held.  I woke up @6ish and got ready to go.  I forgot to bring breakfast with me and there was nothing at my parents I wanted so we made a pit-stop at WaWa.  WaWa as I learned, does NOT carry Peanut Butter. WTF? All I wanted was a bagel and PB. Nope. Wasn’t gonna happen.  Had a coffee and planned to grab something before the race but never did (not good).  As soon as we got to the race I realized I forgot my body glide. UGH- I need body glide. It is a must have for me, even in a 5k.  Luckily, The Running Company was sponsoring the race and opened early; my mom was nice enough to buy me some body glide- my mom is the BEST-crisis averted!  After our pit-stop, I made a potty trip where I ended up seeing a TT teamate and my uncle.  Walked over the start line and off I went.

Race: The course is almost all flat with the exception of a few small hills.  My knees were holding up strong and I was running great.  I hit Mile 1 @ 9:02 and Mile 2 at 18:50.   I began to slow down a little because I started to not feel so good.  I don’t know what time I got to Mile 3 because it was around this time when things began to go downhill for me.  The coffee was not sitting well in my empty stomach and I was feeling a bit off.  At the water stop I decided to drink some water and walk a little.  After about a minute I started running again.  BAD IDEA.  It took about a minute and up came my dinner from the night before along with what felt like a gallon of fluids. It was awful but I gotta tell ya…I felt a million times better and within a few seconds I was back running.  And running strong.  As I approached the finish I saw my friend Brian and we ran about 10 yds together before he went to look for another one of our friends.  As he left he asked me what time my watch had- I hadn’t even looked at it once I had been sick cause I knew I lost time and didn’t want to be all disappointed.  I looked and it was just about 49:00. Breaking 50 minutes was within reach.  I could see the finish line and I was sprinting as hard as I could and I could see the seconds 57….58….59….00….01….02. 50:02. I missed it by 3 seconds!!  Had I not been sick…had I not stopped for water…had I sprinted just a little harder….3 seconds!!!!!

Post Race: I was a little bummed about the 3 seconds but since my original goal was 55 minutes I got over it pretty quick.  Once I got some food in my stomach and a little water I felt so much better.  Met up with some teammates afterwards and took some pics (don’t have them yet 😦 ) and then mymom and I walked around a little (there were all kinds of street vendors lined up down the main street where the race is held).  After a little shopping, we grabbed some lunch it was time to get home and take a nap! 


In other news, my whole weekend was super busy and fun filled.  I went to a grad party Sat night and then had dinner and drinks with my bestie.  It was a bit of a random night with a lot of laughs.  It is always nice to have down time with a good friend.  Today my Tri Team held a kids track meet.  It was so much fun.  Promoting a healthy active lifestyle in kids-   nothing better!  When I got home I was a cleaning machine…it needed to be done!  I took a quick break for a bike ride in the beautiful weather and then it was back to work.  Three loads of laundry and some food shopping and ALL this before dinner.  I just finished up dinner and I am enjoying a glass of wine while watching the Phillies. 


The past few weeks have been really tough- having this GREAT weekend really lifted my spirits!


4 thoughts on “Scott Coffee 8k Race Report

  1. Great job! Sounds like it was an eventful race at the very least, what with your mid-way hurling and all. 😉 I’d love to do this one with you, but it’s on the same weekend as my dad’s and my signature 5K down here in Maryland. Poo!

  2. congrats!!!!! that is amazing – you totally killed your goal! be very proud of yourself, you will get sub 50 next time for sure!

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