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Big Announcement


So I finally made it official and signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon!!!!!!!!


This will be my first full marathon!  154 days until I can (hopefully) say I ran 26.2 miles.  Holy crap! 

I will post my training plans, thoughts, fear and MILLIONS of questions in various future posts.  If anyone else is interested, they also have a half and an 8k (which I ran last year).

12 thoughts on “Big Announcement

  1. YES! Good for you, Jill! I’m totally enjoying letting you go first in all these big events…my first marathon is the week after yours, so you’ll be able to share all your tips and stories with me.

  2. Stick to your training and you will do great (hopefully you are training with a group).

    My first bit of advice is do not set a time goal.

    Good luck!

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