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Rain, Rain, Rain…

That is all it has been doing here in Jersey…raining!  Seriously, there have only been 5 rain free days in the month of June.  UGH!  So depressing!

Okay…in not so depressed land…

I had two really good workout days in a row yesterday and this morning.  I ran 3 miles last night pain free and had a great swim.  This morning I decided I was going to get back into the morning workout groove and I got my butt to spinning at 545am 🙂  This was my first class at my new gym (same gym actually, just new location since I moved) and it went really well.  I haven’t been to a morning spin class since March (ugh!!!!) and have avoided weekday AM workouts entirely the month of May and, until this morning, June.  I was determined to get back into the swing of things.  I was definitely a little out of sorts at first but after about ten minutes I was back in the game.  The instructor was good and kept the energy super high; he talked enough to keep us entertained and was upbeat but without being all perky annoying.  Do you know what I am talking about?  When I was going to spin last summer, the women who ran the Thurs morning made me crazy- it was like she downed an entire pot of coffee before class.  There is only a certain level of perky that works at 545am!  Anyway, because I have to be at work at 8am and traffic is an absolute ridiculous nightmare sucks I have to cut out of the class 15 mins early so I can shower and get ready.  Still, the 40 mins I was there were great and I feel so good about getting back in the groove.

Well not totally in the groove…I totally forgot my towel today!

I packed my bag last night, checked it this morning and went off.  The whole way to the gym I kept thinking I forgot something and then it hit me when I got in the locker room (like when the mom in Home Alone is on the plane and can’t shake the feeling that she forgot something- it was like that…but a towel, not a kid).  Ugh…no towel.  This has never happened and I needed to do some quick thinking.  There way NO WAY I was going back home and not working out, but I also knew there would be no time to go home and get ready after spin either.  All I had was the small towel I take to class so I sucked it up, went to class without a towel and used my washcloth version of a real towel to dry off after my shower.  Of course, I still had to deal with my dripping wet hair.  That is when I came up with a genius idea. I turned my T-shirt (I only wear it into the gym, not while working out) into a hair towel.  It worked perfectly. 

In other news, I am still up in the air about this weekends 5k.  I want to run it because I want to run outside and because a few of my friends are participating so I think it will just depend on the weather.  I haven’t ran or biked outside in almost two weeks.  Have I mentioned the rain in Jersey!  Blech!  I miss the sun!

I hope everyone is having a great week. 

Oh, and if you get a chance, check out Racevine a SUPER easy way to find races.  Like Jill said (not me, another Jill- I didn’t start talking in third person), it is super simple- Sometimes the whole KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) philosophy works so much better!  So check em out and show them your support 🙂

6 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Rain…

  1. Girl I feel your pain! For the first two weeks straight of June it rained here in O-town… and not just the everyday 4 o’clocker either (aka Monsoon season is upon us) but just all day everyday for 2 weeks. Don’t let the rain get you down!!! Brilliant McGyvering of the shirt towel, I will have to use that if I’m ever in a towel bind! 🙂
    Great job getting back into the swing of things!!!

  2. Nice solution with the t-shirt! Glad your first time at the new gym spin class went well! It’s hard to fit in a workout and get ready for work some mornings, but it always feels sooooo good to get it accomplished!

  3. Glad your knee is cooperating! My foot is still slow healing, but that is the nature of PF. It’s not nearly as bad as before, so I’m still getting some excellent distances in every week! Building up for a 10K in August, hopefully in Lake George, NY (should be gorgeous!) and then right into Half training. I’m so excited!!!

    What 5K this wekend?


  4. Thats great Michele!

    It is a 5k at Shawnee. The proceeds go to the precious gems foundation, which is basically why I want to do it. It is the foundation for the 4 girls killed in the NC drunk driving accident our senior year from Shawnee and Cherokee.

  5. I hear ya with the rain. we’ve had that here on long island too. makes it tough to train outside. I’ve been running but I’ve really neglected the bike because I really don’t want to go out on wet roads just yet. looks like we’ll get some sun next week, starting tomorrow. I have to say I can’t wait!
    Loved your ingenuity with T-shirt as a hair towel. I’ll have to remember that! And thanks for the racevine site. I’m looking for a 5K or even 10K myself for the fall!

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