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Blog Fireworks

This week’s theme is … Running Fireworks.  In honor of the 4th of July, let’s talk conflict, controversary, and commotion.  It can be serious, technical or even fun.

There are so many wonderful reasons to have a blog.  For one it has been an amazing resource for racing; from training to finding good races and race locations to recovery and more.  I have found a whole new world of support through this blog and I hope to keep writing for a long time.  I really genuinely appreciate my readers-I value their comments, their advice and their posts from which I have learned so much.     

But (you saw the but coming right??) I have also found that there are some downsides…and it kinda (ok I am stretching a little lot here) connects with this weeks TiaRT.

Not too long ago, Kristin asked “What bothers you about blogging” and the response really generated some great conversation.  I had given some thought to this before I read her post but ever since I have been thinking about even more.  Since this weeks TiaRT was all about “fireworks”, I figure it to be the best time to air what bothers me.

For me personally, there are five things that bother me most when it comes to the blog world.

1. Cliquey blogs– this actually kind of surprised me at first, although I don’t know why, but I came to realize real fast that their are some serious blogger cliques out there.  When I first started blogging I would comment on some blogs that had a lot of followers and I began to notice a trend- no matter who commented there was a group that only commented each other. I feel like blogs should be about connections and since in the tri/running community we are all striving towards a somewhat common goal, I feel like this is a no-brainer.  I am not saying everyone should comment on every post all the time, but a little blog reciprocation would be nice now and then.

2. Being Ignored– This pretty much goes hand in hand with number one, but deserves it own spot.  There is nothing worse to me than a blogger who completely ignores your existence.  If I ask a question on a bloggers post, I feel like the least they can do is answer me.  I have seen this happen on big blogs with a lot of readers and even small blogs with a few readers.  There is no excuse for this behavior as far as I am concerned.  Again, I don’t think every comment a person leaves warrants a response from the writer but to be completely ignored is just wrong.  I was reading one blog for a while and the writer not only never responded to me but she also never responded to anyone.  I am amazed she even has readers.  On the other hand, I read a few blogs in which the writers havea mass following, yet they always manage to get back to the commenters, especially if a questions is asked.  This is proof that you can blog and not be an asshole all at the same time.  This used to bother me a lot more than it does now because I made a decision that those blogsaren’t worthmy time, but I still felt is was worth touching on the subject.

3. Surprise music attacks– I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading people’s play-lists.  However, music on a blog is an entirely different story.  Here’s the thing:  I like to blog at work; it’s while I am on a break, like right now and sometimes during my lunch…but nonetheless I am in my work place and the surprise music means I have to asnwer questions from my co-workers.  If you must have music, at least give readers the option to hit play.

4. Whiners and Complainers– Look, I have been guilty of the occasional negative post and I have done my share of bitching and moaning, but some people take this to the extreme.  I used to read a blog where the writer would find something to complain about in every post.  Her parents, her siblings, her boyfriend (her biggest punching bag), her coach, her clothes, her food or even random people who just gave her a reason to be her unhappy self.  She offered a lot of good information, especially about food, but the posts became less about the food and more about everything that wasn’t right in her life.  Everyone has bad days, everyone gets down in the dumps…but come on, enough is enough.

5. Picture-less posts– While this won’t keep me from reading a blog, it certainly makes for a more enjoyable read.  I have been making a conscience effort to post more pictures on my blog as well recently, after reading how much readers like them.  I didn’t give much thought to the picture thing at first, not until I started seeing lots pictures popping up on people’s posts and getting responses to the few I had posted.  So if you got em, post em 🙂

What bothers you about blogs??

Okay, enough with the “fireworks”- I hope everyone has an enjoyable 4th of July weekend!  Jersey weather forecast looks great, I have a tri, a few BBQ’s and there is going to be ample relaxation time 🙂 I can’t wait!


I think this was actually Memorial Day but still…it works.

And I know what you’re thinking…and the answer is my favorite Elton John song is Tiny Dancer.

13 thoughts on “Blog Fireworks

  1. Thanks for the “fireworks.” I share some of your annoyance with regards to blogging. I actually stopped following one the other day b/c the writer got into a blogging fight with another blogger. It seemed really petty and turned me off to said blog.

    Have a great 4th!

  2. That’s interesting to hear your thoughts about lack of pictures…. I’ll keep that in mind and try to incorporate more pictures!

    Blog cliques are abundant, in just about every blogging arena. I have been blogging at my personal site since 2001 and have watched cliques grow and change and it kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    I really try to acknowledge the people that come to my site. There are times when I just get busy, but I am honestly 100% grateful for every comment I receive and it still makes me happy to hear people’s feedback on my musings! Thank you for contributing to my site.

  3. Great post! It also made me assess my own blogging. I think I spread the love as much as possible but thanks for the reality check! I’m fairly new to blogging and now that I’m pretty active on it I realize just how fun it is to spread the love and be loved.

    Coincidentally you were one of the first people to ever leave me a comment and I’ve been following you ever since. I love your posts/rants/reports etc… and you’ve helped motivate me to do my first triathlon. Your advice today about the ITB issues was greatly appreciated as well! Keep up the great work in all that you do (blogging/running/tri-ing… is that a word?) LOL! 🙂

    Have a fantabulous weekend girl!

  4. I cold not agree more with your post! Especially the clique-y bloggers….it’s almost weird, but alas, there are always those that will comment no matter what and for me that makes this whole thing worthwhile! Love your blog, glad I stumbled upon it!!

  5. Very interesting post!!! I just fell across your blog and definitely liked hearing your thoughts. Some were things I’ve never noticed and some (like the pictures one) is something I’m oh so guilty of!!! Thanks for the reminder.

    by the way I fell across your blog because of the title. I’m a little runner 🙂

  6. Great blog post Jill. After reading your post, I realized I don’t answer comments enough. I don’t because I’m not sure how the people who posted them would even know they are there. Sometimes, I wish I could email in response and make personal connections that way too, but I will be making an effort to respond more often on the blog.
    That said, I love your blog and read your posts all the time. And I appreciate that you read mine. You have been a huge inspiration to me since I started this triathlon thing. Thank you for that.
    I hope lots of people read this post, see themselves and make changes that will make them better bloggers!

  7. I’ve been on hiatus, so I’m late posting this. But I think I feel the exact same way as what you posted about. Bloggy cliquiness and what not. Sometimes it frustrates me so much! BUT I’m prolly guilty of it myself once in awhile.

    So thanks for posting this, it’s good to read others thoughts about bloggiland (and to know i’m not alone in what i feel)! So kudos!

  8. I found your Blog on Morgan’s (Aka Jen, Redhead runner) blog. I LOVE this list!! You hit the nail on the head.

    There is one Blogger who shall remain nameless who NEVER responds to anything and I UGH!!!

    Anyhow…I am cleaning up my Blogroll and adding you hope that is OK

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