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Holy Nerves!

Tomorrow is PWT.  This is my “A” race for the summer. I am so excited/nervous I can hardly stand it.  For the most part, I just can’t wait!  Besides the fact that it is a great race, the day itself is equally as awesome.  The best thing about it to me, is that it is all women.  There are 12 start waves of women all together (gives you an idea how big the race is).  I love the idea of so many women in the tri community challenging themselves.  I also love how many men come out to support us women.  I have only been racing a year but I have never seen a race put on as well as this one- from the racers, to the spectators and most importantly, the volunteers.  I cannot wait!

My workouts for the week were all really good and I feel strong going into tomorrow.  I put in two runs and a spin class earlier this week; I took Thursday off from working out since it was my birthday but I put in a swim yesterday morning.  Today is definitely a rest day 🙂 

Last night I went out to dinner for my birthday with my parents and ate WAY too much food!  I followed it up by going out for a few drinks and a pretty late night.  I debated this given that I have the race tomorrow but figured I deserved to live it up a little bit and I am glad I did.  I purposely woke myself up early today so I would be tired early and hopefully get some sleep tonight.  I know I will be nervous and probably not sleep well, so the more tired I am the better.  Today is the race expo which is a really big deal for this race.  It is also a big deal for my Tri team as we are the host tent.  Besides having tri team tents set up, they also have so many vendors, sign making tents for spectators, free massages and of course packet pick up.

Ok…it’s expo time! I hope everyone has a great weekend.  July is a big race month for Triathletes, so if anyone is racing good luck.  Stay tuned for my race report and lots of pictures to come!!!

One thought on “Holy Nerves!

  1. I’m glad you lived it up a little for your b-day, you deserved it! Now it’s crunch time! Have fun at the expo and GOOD LUCK! I can’t wait to read the report! You have truly been a significant factor in my aspiring to do a Tri in Sept.

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