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Philly Women’s Photos

Here are some photos from yesterdays race.  Turns out, due to massive storms and the water being deemed unsafe, the triathlon was turned into a duathlon.  It kinda sucked, especially because so many of these women make this their first race and for me, the swim in my strongest, but when you can’t TRI, you DU! 

du3Getting body marked by one of my teammates. The men on my team make up a good portion of the race volunteers 🙂

du5This was taken right after the first announcement that there would be no swim.  Our faces say it all…

du6I gunned it down the finish shute in an effort to make it under my goal time, which I can happily report I did 🙂

du1My Mom and I with the sign she made me. Take note of the Finishing is Winning at the bottom!

du2Considering the circumstances of the race, this was more like it.  

Race report coming soon!!!!

4 thoughts on “Philly Women’s Photos

  1. Jill, It sounds like you had a great race, despite the change. It’s so not fun when they do that. My last tri, or should I say what was supposed to be my first tri was turned into a duathlon too. Like you, the swim is my strongest leg. I had to run twice instead. August 1 is my first tri now. I hope all goes well and we get a swim, bike, run this time! Glad you had a good time. I’ll have to look into Philly for next year.
    Happy Birthday and Congrats on your first place finish at your July 4th race!

  2. It’s a shame the swim was canceled, but it looked like you still had a great time. CONGRATS on finishing under your goal time, that’s so great! You’ve got a few weeks until your next tri to get that swim back!

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