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Where Does the Time Go?

I just realized that I haven’t actually “updated” in over a week…all my posts have been about last week’s Philly Womens Tri.  Which by the way, I cannot believe was a whole week ago.  Time flies!!  I wanted to write a week in review but I feel like this post is going to end up being a bit of a melting pot. 

Coming off the race, especially it being a duathlon, I figured I would need a few recovery days.  My legs, mostly my knees, usually bother me for one or two days after a regular road race so I wasn’t sure what to expect after Sunday.  I took an ice bath Sunday night but was still fairly sore on Monday.  Nothing I couldn’t deal with but I was moving pretty gingerly throughout my day.  Given how sore I was still Monday night, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself feeling back to normal by Tuesday morning.  A little knee pain was lingering so I kept my workouts in the pool, but the pain was all gone by Wednesday and by Thursday I was back on the bike and Friday I went for a run.  I also went for a run this morning.  The weather has been AMAZING lately and today was the perfect morning run weather.

In other news…

…da da da da…

…my marathon training plan begins this week!

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was beginning my half-marathon training, or for that matter my triathlon training.  I honestly never thought I would be training for a full marathon.  Ever. But I am.  In four months and three days I will be at the start line getting ready to run 26.2 miles. For right now, I am excited about training because the runs are generally short for the first few weeks and it fits really nicely into my tri training.  Luckily, the way it works out (and it really is luck, I didn’t plan it this way) my last tri is the week before the longer runs begin.  This really couldn’t have worked out any more perfect; this way I can take a break from tri training (although I will probably still spin and swim one day a week to keep it up) and focus a lot more on my running.  It also works out nicely that within my training schedule I have two half marathons (PDR and Baltimore) that fall almost perfectly into place as far as the schedule is concerned.  Like always, where schedules are concerned, I don’t have a specific plan…just a number of miles that need to be done each week.  I did decide that Saturday would be my long run day; I usually stay in on Friday nights anyway, so it just made sense to make the long run day a Saturday.  Of course, I am smart enough and have been training long enough to know that I need to be flexible and if needed I can change my runs to Sunday.  Do you prefer Saturday or Sunday long runs?

If anything is going to test my flexibility and my ability to balance my time, it will be the next three weeks.  My summer class begins Monday and it is an accelerated course.  And it is Math, which is my very worst subject.  And by worst, I mean I am on the same math level as say a third grader.  Math has always held me back and made me feel less than smart, so I am not looking forward to it at all.  In addition, there is so much pressure to pass because without it, I will be backed up a whole semester and have to wait until next year to graduate.  I already started a dual program with my Masters so if I don’t pass, and graduate this year, I will have to re-apply to the Master program.   This will obviously be the suckiest (yes, suckiest) thing ever, therefore it is imperative that I pass this class.  So starting Monday…for three nights a week for four hours a night for the next three weeks I will be in Math class.  And when I am not in Math class or work or working out, I will be doing all things Math.  All Math all the time. UGH.  I really hope the next three weeks go fast.  I know it is summer and I shouldn’t rush it, but just these three weeks.

In other news I want to give big HUGE props to Denise, who is running her first Ultra.  It started yesterday and will end at 10am today.  I have been following her journey for the last six months or so and I encourage you to stop over to her blog.  Denise- you amaze me and I am inspired by you.  Not enough to do my own Ultra (at least not yet) but because of your determination, will to succeed and honesty when it comes to the ups and downs in your training.  Thank you for sharing your story- I hope you keep writing and running!

2 thoughts on “Where Does the Time Go?

  1. yayay for marathon training! that is awesome.

    i hate math too, it’s why i majored in communications. i thought stats in grad school were going to kill me, but somehow it seemed so much better than ‘math.’ so good luck on that!

    oh and CONGRATS on your TRI! amazing job.

    (i’ve had catching up to do on blogs!!)

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