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Dear Humidity…

…you must go away.  Now. Right now.

Seriously!!  Nothing ruins a beautiful 77degree day like 96% humidity!!! UGH!

Despite the disgusting weather, I headed out last night for a short run.  It was a two-a-day for me as I had gone to spin class yesterday morning.  I like two-a-days because they usually serve to free up an extra rest day which is exactly what I need this week.  As for the run…it was okay.  I at least waited until the sun went down but it was still gross at 7pm and I was a mess by the end of only a few short miles.  I was thankful that it was a short run because of the heat but also because my hamstring was still bothering me from Sunday.  After my run I took a nice cold shower and iced my hamstring while watching the Phillies until I fell asleep.  I hate when the Phillies play out west because I can never stay awake for the whole game!

Not much else to say about training…I am taking tonight and tomorrow off and then running/swimming Friday.  As mentioned previously, I have a race Sunday so I will also be using Saturday as a rest day.  The race is a Sprint Tri at Belmar beach.  It is an ocean swim which has me a little nervous.  I have only been in the ocean a handful of times in the last 10 years and when I do go in it is usually only up to my knees.  On the rare occasions that I go out further I usually get freaked out and come back in on the beach.  So while I am a good swimmer and I usually depend on it for my races as a head start on the competition, I am really concerned that in this race it will be what holds me back.  Which is of course the whole reason I chose this race in the first place- I like to challenge myself.  I figure, it’s only 400meters…I can do anything for 400meters….right??? 

I have so many wonderful plans for the next five days that work is going at the pace of a snail….soooooo slowwwwww………I can’t believe it is only lunch time!!!  Here’s hoping the afternoon goes faster than this morning did and that we get a little break in the heat/humidity.

I haven’t posted any pictures lately so I’ll leave you with a photo of my favorite phillies ❤

SPORTS BBN-METS-PHILLIES 3 PHTaken during the World Series 2008

5 thoughts on “Dear Humidity…

  1. I’ll trade you humidity. O-town is blasting humidity 24/7!

    You sooooooooooooooo got this!!! You’re going to rock it this weekend and I can’t wait for the recap!

    Question: Two a days… how do you usually tackle these? I’ve very interested as I see some of these in my future. Email me when you get a chance.

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