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Belmar Tri Photos

Here are some photos to hold you over until I can write my race report tomorrow.  Right now, I need sleep in the worst way; been up since 3am and I am exhausted!  I will say this…it was a great race and I will for sure be doing this one again next year.  I made it through my first ocean swim- another hurdle jumped!!!

bel5Coming in from the swim

bel6Just riding along on the bike 🙂

belrunSprinting into the finish

Stay tuned for the race report.

Does tomorrow HAVE to be Monday??? I need more weekend in my life!

7 thoughts on “Belmar Tri Photos

  1. Dang, you look you kicked some tri-butt! Good show!

    I’m with you on the weekend – I love when the events are held on Saturday instead of Sunday.

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