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So Much Can Happen In A Year

A year ago I was in the final week of training for my first tri.  So much has happened in the year since.

Since I became a Triathlete almost one year ago:

…I ran my first 10-miler.

…I ran my first half marathon.

…I ran/biked my first duathlon.

…I successfully completed the Belmar triathlon and will be participating in another race on August 22.

…I am currently training for my first marathon!

Since I started this journey, I have so much more confidence in myself and my abilities.  I once hated running and now I love it- and I am getting better at it every week and it shows in every race.  I learned to ride a bike and I am getting more and more confident with each ride.  And I can dismount without falling now!  I have far surpassed my initial expectations for myself in this sport and I continue to surprise and amaze myself with what I can do!  From my first tri last year to my second tri last week…almost a full year; the difference between those races and who I was then and who I am now is something I can’t even put into words.  I really feel like things have begun to fall into place for me, both in my life and as an athlete; I am healthier than I have been in the last 15 years, I train regularly, I keep a healthy balance between work/school/training/life and I am happy.  🙂

Basically what I am saying is…I am pretty frigging awesome!! 

Is that narcissistic of me???  Probably. Even so, I don’t take it back. 

I. Am. Awesome. 🙂

I still  have a lot planned for the rest of this year and I have begun making plans for next year (that post will come eventually) that will further test me as a person and an athlete.  I am looking very forward to these challenges as I feel each one contributes to who I am as a person. 


Ok..enough about me, how about you?  What has happened for you in the past one year?  Comment it here or write you own post.  I love reading about all your journeys.

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable hump day 🙂

6 thoughts on “So Much Can Happen In A Year

  1. You are def awesome and deserve to be narcissitic as needed! You’ve come a long way and have many more adventures to go! 🙂
    Congrats on a fantastic year and I can’t wait for the upcoming year… 😉

  2. Hmm…the last year, Ok, I tore my ACL skiing, got back to running a month later, completed my 1st half (with 2 more on the way along with my first duathlon), increased my speed, only to have it get slow again, lost 40 lbs (gained 10, lost 4….back on track), really amped up on my blog, joined Match (still single), cut bangs and and have decided that I too am pretty freakin’ awesome!!

    Thanks for a great post, and keep up being awesome!!

  3. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying your awesome, because clearly you are! so amazing all your accomplishments in just one year. YAYAY! you DO rock 🙂

  4. OWN that AWESOMENESS! I think that’s so cool that you can say that with confidence. It’s not narcissistic, it’s healthy to recognize that.

    Going back one year from this upcoming weekend…
    I ran my first half marathon (followed by several more half marathons), I ran my second marathon, I earned my first DNF, I ran in two different Race for the Cure events on separate sides of the country.

    It’s always kind of amazing to look back over the course of a year and see how much has happened.

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