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Dear Craptastic Weather…

…Please get your act together.  K-thanks!

Today’s weather: ridiculous amounts of rain followed by the shortest storm ever, then more pouring rain and when the sun finally came out it was hot hot hot and brought out the gross humidity.  Up tonight:  more storms.

Tomorrow: 100 degrees. And no, that doesn’t include the humidity.

Really??? Really.

Moving on…

Today was a local race that I volunteered for as a lifeguard.  At first there were only two of us out there which was nerve-wracking so I was relieved when the other two arrived right before the race, and it was a good thing too; not only was it pouring rain but also there were a lot of weak swimmers out there today.  For the most part the entire lake was shallow enough to stand but weaker swimmers always feel better when they have a kayak to hold onto.  Unfortunately, we did have a few people who totally panicked and had to be pulled out.   We were definitely being kept busy.   And with only a few people left in the water the storm started.  I was definitely concerned being out in open water with thunder and lightening; luckily I was the first guard in so I was able to get to shore quickly.  And before I knew it, the storm was over just as fast as it had started.  The rest of the race went on…slow and steady and when it was all said and done fun was still had.  After the adult race there was supposed to be a kids race but by then the roads had flooded so they canceled bike.  The rain had thankfully stopped so the race was turned into a splash and dash and the kids did fantastic and had a blast despite the small set back.  Overall, despite the rain and cold it was a good time.  And I snagged another free race for my volunteer efforts- score 🙂

After the race I came home and slept for a while and then relaxed while I watched the worst Phillies game ever.  I cannot believe the ridiculousness of the game.  Besides the bad pitching, blue was calling the game as if he had his eyes closed and he threw out the outfielder Victorino- I never saw such a thing!  It was crazy! If you are a Phillies fan you understand. If you aren’t a Phillies fan…well, why not?!? 🙂

Once I had enough of the game I decided to head out for a short run.  It was my worst run ever.  Nothing went right.  The humidity was almost unbearable (usually I can deal with it, but tonight, even in the shade, it was gross) and I just didn’t feel right for most of the run.  Not only did stupid stuff keep happening- my ipod was getting tangled in my watch (no clue how this was happening), my hair was getting on my nerves and worst of all my stomach kept cramping.  This has never happened to me before to this extent.  About .5 into the run I actually had to stop because the cramp was so bad.  I thought about turning around but I figured I could walk it off.  Every time I would walk, the pain subsided but then I would get into a good stride and it would start up again.  It wasn’t like a stitch, it was more like a cramp all the way from one side to the other.  This went on for about 2 miles…walk, run…walk, run…I was frustrated and agitated.  The last .5 was okay and I probably could have kept going but I was so over it by then I just wanted to come home and take a cold shower.  I know I have to expect bad days…and trust me, there have been plenty along the way…but this was just so out of the ordinary.  I can’t figure out what cause the stomach problems…I had eaten, I was hydrated and I felt fine before and after the run.  Anyone have this happen before??

OK blog friends…time for some chicken fajitas and Sunday night T.V.  🙂

But first…in honor of Beth’s most recent posts about Halloween costumes (a direct result of Jamoosh being a party pooper posting about how he is NOT dressing up at his Halloween race that takes place ON Halloween), I’ll leave you with this photo of one of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time…I give you….LAUPER!

lauperUnfortunately, the photo ripped coming out of the album so you don’t get the full effect with the leg warmers and shoes, but you get the idea.  This costume was a HUGE hit!

4 thoughts on “Dear Craptastic Weather…

  1. OMG that costume is soooooooooooo frigging cute!!!! LOVE IT!

    Glad ya’ll made the best of the race despite the weather. It’s been a helluva summer huh?

  2. WHAT A CUTE COSTUME! That’s so adorable. Yesterday’s weather sucked, but how about today’s??? I broke out in a sweat just walking from my car to my building! I suppose we’re due for some crummy summer weathe.

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