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Props Wednesday #1- Meet Morgan

Meet Morgan.

The first thing you need to know about Morgan is that she lies.  Her real name isn’t Morgan.  She said she uses her last name as her first name because she was one of many Jen’s born in the 80’s, but I think she might work for the government so watch out.  I’m going to roll with it though, I don’t want any feds coming after me, so we shall call her Morgan as she wishes. 🙂

Here’s the another thing you need to know about Morgan…the girl can friggen run.  Morgan does a lot of running! As far as the 13.1 is concerned- well, she has been there and ran that!  She is currently training to kick some major ass at her first marathon; the Chicago Marathon on October 11, 2009.  Oh, and she is training in the Orlando heat- bonus points!

Morgan’s blog was one of the first I found; funny because we started our blogs around the same time and I later found out mine was one of the first she started reading.  Morgan was one of my first commenters and was always ready with a positive comment.  Her blog is one of my main go-to blogs for running advice.  Because her first marathon falls six weeks before mine, her training schedule is giving me a good idea of what to expect with my training.  Morgan writes with humor but keeps it real; I pretty much know my first 20-miler is going to suck thanks to Morgans post!

Morgan and I also have a lot in common; we are the same age (or so she says…I mean, she does lie about her name, so who knows!), we both traded the party life for the athlete life and we have many of the same goals when it comes to running.  We are both also painfully single (although living it up while we can!) and have been through a series of ridiculous dates along the way.  Oh…and we are both short fun-sized.

Here is what we don’t have in common: Our hair color.  Oh, and she is fast runner. And me, well…we all know I am the slow runner!

Morgan is no longer just someone who writes a blog that I read, Morgan is fastly becoming a good friend.  Someone I can email with stupid questions or asking for advice.  While our friendship is confined to email and blogging for now, since she is in FL and I am in NJ, that will all change soon.  This winter, I am flying down to Orlando and Morgan and I are going to take a weekend trip to Jacksonville to run the half-marathon at the The National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer weekend.  I cannot wait!!!  A trip out of NJ in the winter is awesome…but adding to it a blogger meet up, a half-marathon, shopping and a massage…AWESOMER!  Yes, awesomer.

So what are you waiting for bloggies…go check out Morgan’s blog and show it some love!

9 thoughts on “Props Wednesday #1- Meet Morgan

  1. LMAO! You are hilarious and so sweet! I CAN NOT WAIT to run with you in J-ville! We are going to have a blast! Thanks for giving me props, you’ve been a great support and an endless inspiration. Between the two of us, I think I can get you running faster and you can get me swimming! Then our next adventure can be a Tri! 🙂 Thanks so much again Jill! Can’t wait for Feb!!!


    Morgan aka she who lies about her name, Jen. 😛

    P.S. I assure you I am not a federal agent, ninja maybe, but def not a fed. LOL!

  2. Tooooo funny!!! The little red head deserves props, especially after her post today… LOFTY goals..

    “Fun Sized” if you are fun sized and I am 6’0 do that make me “Super Sized.” Hmmm will have to ponder that one..

  3. Aw- Thanks Andy!!!

    Keep a lookout for more props 🙂

    And Mel…supersized sounds so….big. You just get be tall; at least until I think of something less…big.

  4. I’ll have to go check out Morgan’s blog. She should like a super cool chick!

    And excellent post about open water swims. You’re right. It’s serious business. I’m not looking forward to swimming in a huge group of crawling people.

  5. I love that you and Morgan (or whatever her name is) have become friends! Just goes to show how blogging shrinks the world! I have met many people through their blogs who I have come to admire and count on for inspiration and advice. Yours was one of the first tri blogs I started reading and it’s still one of my very favorites! Thank you.
    I am fun-sized too. What I wouldn’t give for longer legs!
    Since you like her, I’ll make sure to check out Morgan’s blog.

  6. Nice endorsement of your running friend. I will check out her blog. Thanks for the comment on mine about The Playlist. I just think it’s cool to look at what truly makes up pick up one foot and put it in front of the other over and over again. A raunchy song works some days Oh, and do you have any friends born in the (late) 60’s!!! I do know a lot of 80’s Jens but plenty of my Jen homeys are 38 to 44. HAve a great day. Just ran 10 at 9:07 ave. pace whichs good for me!

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