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Questionable Behavior

I am sure anyone who has had a blog of the athletic type has at one point bitched about people’s general lack of gym etiquette.  Now it is my turn.

Get off your cell phone– I find this exceptionally annoying.  First of all, if you are capable of talking on the phone while working out, you aren’t working out hard enough.  And second, oh…its rude.

Dress yourself completely– Complete=  Bottoms, tops and ladies please PLEASE please wear a bra. Please. (I am going out on a limb here and guessing men do not see this as a problem.)

The locker room is not your bedroom– Is it really necessary to blow dry your body hair while standing naked in front of the only mirror in the locker room?  I know the answer- no it is not necessary.  This of course doesn’t stop people from doing it…or staying naked while they apply their makeup.  Get dressed.  Save the show for your boyfriend.

Don’t be a stalker– You do not have to stand next to the machine I am on or in front of the weight bench.  I see you. And because you are breathing down my neck like a thirsty dog, I am going to do extra reps.

Don’t stare– Um, this is easy…it’s creepy.

Put the equipment back properly- You think they mark those weight stands for their health?  No, they do it so the 10lb weights end up in the 10lbs spot.  I know, reading is tough.

Clean up after yourself– Don’t be pig; wipe up your sweat.  It is about as unsanitary as a person can get and oh yeah, its super gross too.

There are so many more I could list but I thought I would open it up to my readers: What are your biggest gym pet-peeves?

15 thoughts on “Questionable Behavior

  1. Not necessarily a pet peeve, but I had a run in with a lady at the gym once who walked up to my machine, lifted my magazine to see how long I’d been there (without saying a word to me, just started touching my property), then barked at me to get off of the machine because I had been on for 30 minutes. I pointed out that she obviously failed to notice the five other absolutely identical machines that were open, but she said she wanted that particular one, that I should observe the time limit and get off of it. I informed her that the time limit was in place when no other identical machines were open, but she kept arguing with me, loudly. I told her to screw herself, that I wasn’t moving. Some people are so ridiculous!

  2. The people there for the 30-second work out. You know the ones, they may do an exercise and then spend the remaining 29 minutes chatting with people who are actually trying to work out.

  3. I think you just about covered my pet peeves at the gym. I HATE when someone is on a bench or machine while talking on a cell phone, sometimes not even moving! What did you do before the cell phone? There’s this one older man at the gym- complete with thick gold chain and undershirt who blasts his ipod so loud he can’t hear his cell phone’s obnoxious ring. And it rings A LOT. I think you can go an hour of your life without constant contact of the outside world. And not wiping down the machines really grosses me out…haven’t these people heard of MRSA? I wipe down everything before and after I use it.

    I’m actually canceling my gym membership soon. Soon my entire training schedule will consist of activities either outside or at Rutgers. I can’t say I’ll miss the horrible etiquette!

  4. Ha! I sooo love this post and completely agree! The cell phone is the biggest offense I have seen at my gym lately…there are signs all over, but people just don’t care. What about people taking pics with their phones, that is also crazy annoying!

  5. Okay, my comment is going to be about something gross… It’s not exactly about the gym, but this happened in a dressing room after Bikram yoga. This girl, right, practically bends over, completely freaking naked, in front of the only mirror and starts to study some kind of large, gross, red wart on her ass!!!!!

    Uh, speechless.

    So, I guess, don’t bend over naked in front of the only mirror to study your skin desease??? Can that be a rule?

  6. I had a trainer who would take calls on his cell phone… during my training! Suffice to say I no longer have that trainer.

  7. at my gym there is a trainer who wears a onsie ALL THE TIME. I’m pretty sure in the tri world onsies are for race day only. The best time was when he was running on the treadmill and had shorts on over the onsie, all of a sudden he stops, rips of the shorts then continues to run.

  8. Oh these are so funny. And so true. I won’t even take my cell phone into the gym.
    My issues with the gym are usually in the pool. If the pool is crowded and lane sharing is necessary, stay on your side of the lane. Oh, and if you are there to float, don’t take up a swim lane when people are waiting to do laps. Move to the side of the pool that isn’t a lap lane.
    After only a couple of weeks at my gym, I switched to early mornings because there are fewer people and fewer annoyances. 🙂

  9. OK your comment on my Blog cracks me up… I too would LOVE to be greeted with a medal on my LONG runs.. I am planning to make sure that race has some for of free swag..

    After my 20 miler in Marathon prep I told me Mom that I wanted a flip number on the back of my shirt so people knew how far I had run…Would be uncomfortable, but I truly crave the cheering of the race.

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