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So Much To Say…

I have so many different things to write about floating around in my head- from runs, to work, to school, to vacation, to tragedy, to new shoes to races….its all up there waiting to be written about.  I should probably break it up into a few different posts but instead I think I’ll do a list format week in review 🙂

  • I just finished my 5th week of Marathon Training; in general it is going well but I am starting to get nervous about the upcoming longer runs.  I have never ran more than 13.1 miles and THAT was in a race.  I have never trained more than 10 miles in one run.  Now that I am going to be scheduled for runs as long as 10, 13, 15, 18 and 20 miles, I am stressing out about water dropping, routes and just making it through.  This is normal right??  RIGHT??????
  • Tonight I ran in my new shoes.  It was fabulous 🙂
  • The Wildwood race, as I had suspected, was turned into a DU. I am still glad I didn’t go- it was rainy and messy and I needed to day off to be productive.
  • I have a 5k coming up on Wednesday- I haven’t ran a 5k since last October and my current PR for a 5k is 32:34.  I have no doubt, the way I have been running, that I will PR; but I want the coveted sub-30.  Other than this race, I am only running two other 5k’s this year, and one is a fun Christmas race where I will be dressed as a reindeer.  Yeah, no sub-30 there as I hand out candy canes! So this race is pretty big for me and I really REALLY want to kill it.
  • As always I don’t want to talk too much about work but it has been stressing me out so badly.  I am trying really hard not to let my 8-4 ruin my 4-8 but the teachers come back this week and students in two weeks and I just don’t feel ready.  It’s coming whether I like it or not, I know this, but anxiety is high.
  • Speaking of school, my classes also start in two weeks. I am taking two classes again and like last semester, one is undergraduate and one is graduate.  I love the dual program, because it is saving me money and I am earning credits toward my M.A, but the work is tough and I am not sure I have even recovered from the Spring semester and now Fall is starting.  Being that I am an English Major, my classes are full of reading and papers.  I have British Literature (undergrad) and Life of Walt Whitman (grad)- both seem fairly interesting (even though it is my major, the reading does not always interest me) but I saw the syllabus’s and I have a feeling the library and I are going to be close friends.  I see many late nights at Barnes and Nobles and weekends at Panera in my near future.  Are any of you in school?? If so, what is your major?
  • With all the stress of the upcoming school year and work, this is the perfect time for a vacation.  Thankfully, I have one coming up.  All summer I have taken only two days off from work (yeah, we work four day weeks but most people take a week or two vacation) but for the next three weekends I will be in Wildwood.  My parents are going for like 15 or 16 days; I am taking off next Monday to make it a long weekend and then the next weekend is labor day so that is a long weekend and the following weekend I took off Friday to make it a long weekend.  I need this vacation in ways I cannot even explain.  Wildwood is my home away from home; it is my happy place.  I can’t wait!!!
  • Once vacation is over, the training gets pretty hardcore- within 10 weeks I will be running 2 half-marathons and my first full marathon.  Am I crazy…I think so, yes!

I want to separate this next bullet- in an effort to acknowledge the victims and hopefully spread some awareness (or at the very least serve as a reminder to be aware)

  • There have been two rapes in Fairmont Park, PA in the last 10 days.  Both were runners.  One took place in the middle of the morning and one in the early evening.  It was light out. There were people around.  It still happened.  These rapes are linked to rapes from 2007 and the man sack of shit is still on the loose.
  • I have raced in various parts of Fairmont Park over the last year, both road races and triathlon.  I love this area- there is so much beauty it is impossible not to love it.  The best Philadelphia races are held here; much of the reason I chose Philadelphia as my first marathon is how close it is to my heart.  With all that said, I don’t train there and would never feel safe running there alone.   I know things like this can happen anywhere, but this park has a reputation and as far as I am concerned, unless I have someone running RIGHT next to me, I am alone.
  • The truth is though, I do run alone in my area and while I do feel safe, it is hard to feel safe anywhere these days.  It is scary.   I run paths that are full of people, I never run in the dark and I carry a screamer with me at all times.  I keep my IPOD low enough to hear my footsteps and I am constantly keeping aware of my surroundings.  But is that enough?  I sometimes feel bad when I cross the street because there is a man alone walking on the side I am running.  But that is what the world does to us- it conditions us to be afraid of our surroundings.  To be afraid of everything.  I honestly feel I do everything in my power to both train and train safely, but I have to believe that the victims felt this way as well.
  • I hope this isn’t scaring anyone but like my swimming post- sometimes we need to be reminded of things, even if it does put a little fear in us.
  • How do you keep yourself safe?  Do you carry mace, a screamer etc?  Please share your thoughts.

I am sorry to have ended my post on such a sad note- things like this really just get to my core and upset me to no end. I know this post was all over the place- every now and then I just need a venting, whining, babbling post.  I am off to eat some ice cream and relax with some Sunday night TV- I should be back to my charming, not whining/babbling, self in no time 🙂

6 thoughts on “So Much To Say…

  1. Wow, well enjoy all your vacay before the craziness begins. And YAYA for week 5 of marathon training. I think every person who runs a marathon has the fears of training, etc… but you’ll be fine.

    And good point about the park tragedies… it’s so crazy and sad but true. I don’t often like even running alone at ALL anymore, and the park where i often run has seen a few recent rapes 😦 So thanks for the reminder. You can never be too safe… literally.

  2. Mace isn’t a bad idea, but the challenge is being able to get it out and use it. I personally don’t carry it, but most of my runs at this point in my training are group runs. I have suggested it to my wife, not because she runs in an area that is unsafe, but because sometimes there are dogs that get loose and you never know if they are friendly or not.

  3. It’s perfectly normal to feel intimidated by the longer distances but don’t let them psych you out. You’re going to do much better than you think you will. Start each one thinking positive and it’ll really help. I’m so excited for you! If you need any long distance advice you know where to hit me up!

    As for running safely, I def run with mace when I’m not with other runners. I also carry my cell phone in my other hand so I have easy access to it. You might want to take a tip from me and wrap your earbuds around your sports bra/tank top and just blast the volume up so you can still hear the tunes but not have them in. Being aware of your surroundings is vital. I know it sucks that we have to be so aware and cross streets with oncoming people but unfortunately this is the world we live in. I used to live a block away from a trail where a woman was raped and murdered last year and it scared the hell out of me… a few weeks later a woman was attached a mile away… both runners. I have shyed away from that trail since… until last night when I ran with a guy friend. We parked in the parking lot where the murdered woman’s car was found and I tried to push it out of my mind. We ran side by side for 99% of the run but at the end he decided to sprint off while I kept it nice and easy. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I found myself momentarily scared shitless. It was dark and even though I could still see him I looked around like a crazy person until he came back. I think he sensed it to because he didn’t leave me again. Ugh… so sad that we have to worry about things like this…

    Buy yourself some mace girl, and make sure when you run alone someone knows where you’re going, about how long you should be gone and what you’re wearing…

  4. I do have mace- which I carry with me daily. I dont take it on runs for two reasons: I worry I wont be able to get to it fast enough (as Jamoosh mentioned) and also, that while in a struggle I could end up macing myself.

    Good idea with the ipod- I am going to try that!

  5. I run alone but I have to say I live in a very safe environment. But where I run there are no lights so this winter I will be running around my village because I don’t like running in the dark when I can’t see where I’m running.

    I can imagine it scares a bit knowing that there has been rapes.

    Enjoy your weekends with your parents.

    And you’re really an inspiration for running 2 1/2 and a full marathon so shortly after each other!

  6. you are doing great girl!!! just have fun and enjoy your training, dont look too far ahead 🙂 focus on each week and you will be up to those 20 milers in no time!

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