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100th Post And Big News

This is my 100th post– yeah!!!!!

I mulled and mulled over what to do for a 100th post but really, I just couldn’t come up with anything.  I thought about a give-a-way, but nixed it…then I thought about a survey of some type and nixed that too.

So what to do, what to do…..

I figured it would just come to me.

And it did.

How appropriate that on this, the night of my 100th post, I GOT MY FIRST SUB-30 5K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, that’s right folks…slow Jillian is a slightly faster Jillian as of right now.  And you can probably see the glow on my face from your homes!  Let me just say it again cause it feels so good- SUB-30 5K.

Seriously. I can hardly wrap my brain around it.

The sub-30 5k (did I mention I ran that tonight!?!??!?!) was one of my biggest goals for the year- my best time up until now for a 5k race was 32:40.  I knew I would do better than that based on my training, but I still wasn’t sure of the coveted sub-30.  As of this morning, and even a little before the race, my shin was still bothering me.  I decided as long as I wasn’t in pain while running, I would push through- and if I had to walk I would.  I knew after the first mile I really had a chance but because I did walk twice (for less than 30 seconds, but still) I didn’t know…I just kept pushing. Hard.  And I got it. I FRIGGING RAN A SUB-30.  Holy mother of running!!!

Oh…and I also want to mention that it was my best pace time for a race of any distance ever!

Tonight was a good night. Tonight I love running. LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE.  Tonight is why I run.

So yeah…no survey or give-a-way for the grand 100th post…but uh, I got a sub-30 5K!

Race report tomorrow. 🙂

15 thoughts on “100th Post And Big News

  1. Great seeing you at the race and congrats on the SUB 30. My friends and I were talking after you told us that you were 30:02 and we thought that your chip time would be lower. Happy to see it was and you got the sub 30.

  2. Mom- yeah, I did…I just didn’t want to mention it too much!

    Dan- It was actually 30:01!!! That would have been even worse- but yeah, once I thought about it, I was pretty sure the chip time would be lower 🙂 Good seeing you as well- keep up the good work in your training!

  3. OMG I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! CONGRATS! That is a helluva way to celebrate your 100th post! Look at you getting all speedy up there! By the time you head this way you’ll be a regular speedy gonzalez!

  4. Wauw congratulations! You did great. What a good time.
    I still have 6 minutes to beat you on this one 🙂

    I did a 5K run last night in 36.18.

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  6. Congrats Jill! What an excellent accomplishment!! It must have been the best feeling once you saw your chip time. Great job!!

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