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Props Wednesday- Meet Jamoosh

Meet Jamoosh!

When I first come across a blog there are a few factors that determine if I am going to become a reader of said blog.  With Jamoosh, it was clear…I would be a frequent reader of his blog. 

Initially, I was hooked by the opening statement of each post; usually a lyric.  I liked that he set up his post this way, which was different from any other blog I had read to date.  Furthermore, his blog is interesting.  It is peppered with life tidbits and humor.  Sure he writes about running and fitness and his 4987239 yearly push-ups goal but there is more to his blog that just stats and figures (or I wouldn’t be a frequent reader).   

While Jamoosh’s blog is centered around running, he also writes frequently about his other love.  No, not his wife…beer.  He loves his running and he loves his beer.  And he has found a way to make the relationship between them both work.  And when he isn’t writing about running or beer, he focus’s on the important things in life like farting and bacon and Jaclyn (the wife). 

All of this makes Jamoosh’s blog sound like a man’s man blog, but honestly, he has a deep female following.  Of course with that said, you must know this:  If you become a reader of Jamoosh’s blog there is no guaranteethat he will become a reader of yours- the man has criteria!!!  He is not a fan of the female tangent and would prefer to read about women who write about running (duh) but also women that fart, who are dorks (and okay with their dorkiness) and who drink and write about beer.  If you like bacon…bonus. 

Given this criteria, I must admit, I am unsure how Jamoosh and I became blogger friends: I do not drink beer, I don’t like bacon and while I am a proud girl farter (I just admitted that to the world, yes), I don’t think I ever talked about it on my blog.  It is only my guess that my dorkiness and charm won him over 🙂  Whatever the reason, his is a favorite of mine to read and I highly recommend to stop on over and check him and his blog out. 

Oh, and Jamoosh likes photos, so here are a few I picked specifically for him!

mooshAfter the DE 1/2 Marathon- My free beer of which I did take a sip!!

sorkI was a huge fan.  I had all the gear and was proud of it!  And if this does’t scream my dorkiness, I don’t know what else will!

fartThere is a 99.9% chance I am farting in this picture.


7 thoughts on “Props Wednesday- Meet Jamoosh

  1. You look super awesome in that post-half-marathon pic!

    Hmmm, all I have going for me is dorkie-ness. And I need to somehow put up more photos on my blog. But that’s so much work. I mean you gotta take a camera with you, make the damn picture, transfer it to the computer, then write a blog post, and then attach that photo – I just made myself fall asleep on the keyboard, haha.

    Off to his blog!

  2. Thanks Blogger Friend of Mine!

    I love the last picture. My best friend and his wife just had a baby and he has been trying to explain the difference between the “I’m farting” look and the “I’m pooping” look…

  3. LMAO! I love Jamoosh and I love the pics you posted! NKOTB… oh Jordan how I loved you so!!! After reading this post I have one request: please warn me if you’re going to fart on your visit. LOL! 🙂 We’re going to have a blast in Feb! Can’t wait!!!!!

  4. Are you sure Jamoosh and Uncle Mark aren’t one and the same. I’ll be even more suspicious if it turns out Jamoosh is a beer snob as well as a music snob….

    The baby pic is you saying ‘put the damn camera away or I’m gonna scream… enough already!”

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