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Props Wednesday- Meet RunnerDude

Meet RunnerDude.

RunnerDude is more than a “dude”; he is one of my major sources for all things running.  And I use much of the information for life as well.  This is a blog that I HIGHLY recommend to all athletes, but especially runners, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

RunnerDude is no joke.  Here are a few of his credentials:

  • Running Mentor for TheCircle.org
  • Contributing writer for AmateurEndurance.com
  • A board member for GOFAR, a non-profit organization that encourages teens running their first 5k.
  • He is an RRCA certified run coach and is currently in the process of earning his personal training and nutrition consultant certifications.

So yeah, RunnerDude knows what he is talking about.

In addition to what is listed above, he has 20 years of running (all over the US) behind him, so not only does he inform his readers but he also interjects personal experiences into his posts.  Furthermore, he gets his readers involved; he often runs give-a-ways (which are SUPER easy to enter and win) wherein a reader sends in a personal story that he later posts.  It is a great way to meet other runners/bloggers.

RunnerDude’s posts cover everything from types of runs, to nutrition, to hydration, to reviews.  Not only that, but he acknowledges his readers and answers questions in comments.  This is huge- all to often bloggers get to “big” for themselves and forget what it is really about.  RunnerDude has created a community through his blog and his dedication to spreading real and honest information is evident in every post.

If you haven’t already become a RunnerDude follower, what are you waiting for?  Go. Now. Read.


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