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TiaR-WDIW….huh, what????

Clearly, when it comes to doing TiaRT on time, I have recently been a FAIL.  So I bring to to you- Take it and Run- Whatever Day I Want!

This weeks questions is from Lindsay at Chasing the Kenyans.  She asks: whether training for a specific race or just running for the fun of it, we all experience the ups and downs of running. what do you do to get yourself motivated to run when it feels like it’s the last thing you want to do?

Honestly, I don’t really “run for fun”.  Sure, I think running is fun, but I generally don’t do it for that reason.  I keep myself focused on my race schedule to keep me motivated for training.  I have a feeling that if I didn’t have a race to train for, I wouldn’t run as much, or often, as I do currently.  That doesn’t meant I don’t have down days, it just means I get over myself quicker when it comes to getting it done!

Excuses I often have for not wanting to run:

  • I want to sleep in.
  • I want to go out the night before.
  • It is too hot, too cold or too not perfect weather for me.
  • Too much else to do.

Why I run anyway:

  • Accountability.
  • I know once I am out there I will feel better.
  • I know once I am done I will be glad I started.
  • That schedule that stares me in the face on my fridge.

Things I do if I am struggling:

  • Create a new playlist- new music, new attitude.
  • Buy new clothes/gear- if I have something new, I look forward to wearing/using it.
  • Remembering my goals- knowing why I am training in the first place.
  • Rest- sometimes it is the only answer.

It isn’t always easy, especially recently with marathon training which at times has felt daunting, but I get out there and do the miles because I want to be the best I can be.  Without the training, I cannot be at my best; therefore, whether I want to or not (unless I need the rest) I get out there and run.  Regardless if I want to sleep in, or go out the night before…regardless of the weather or what else I have to do; I remember why I am out there and what it is all for. And then it is worth it.  Up day or down day, the run is always worth it!

Here is a pic of me from this morning.  Getting up at 630am on vacation wasn’t top priority, but getting the miles in was, therefore I got up, sucked up my desire for sleep and ran 6+ miles.  And when it was all said ran and done, I was happy with my miles and time.

shore 062Getting ready for a run down the shore.


4 thoughts on “TiaR-WDIW

  1. It’s funny that some of your excuses are the same as I use but also some of the reasons to go running even if you don’t feel like it are the same for me too.

    I’ve seen the pics in your other post of the ocean and I can imagine that you like running there, it looks really great!

  2. I sure do relate! I would not consider myself someone who runs for fun either really. I’m pretty decent at it and I like the challenge of it, but I am constantly having to maintain motivation. I would have been toast a long time ago if I didn’t have a training group, and friends within that training group, who notice when I’m gone and hold me accountable. Being a coach of said group helps too. And almost every time I run, at some point I wonder what I am doing and why, but the feeling of finishing, no matter the distance, is satisfying, and I’m glad I did it. Plus I keep telling myself its burning a ton of calories! Great post.

  3. belated thanks for participating 🙂 i don’t run ‘for fun’ either… i’m a bit too ambitious and set too-high of goals for myself instead. whoops. i do enjoy running, but i’m not good at keeping it casual. the competition of it/within myself definitely keeps me going most of the time!

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