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Wildwood Round 2

After this crazy week I just had, I am back down in Wildwood Crest- my home away from home 🙂  I drove down after class last night and I get to stay until Monday night ❤

This morning I went for a 6+ mile run with the ocean by my side- it was pretty much a repeat of last weeks 5 mile run but even better because the weather could not have been better.  Just enough sun with a cool breeze.  Seriously, if I lived here I would probably run every single day.  The scenery is amazing.

This is the view from where I stay:

moms photos 044There is a fitness park and then the ocean right across the street 🙂

Other than running, I plan to keep myself busy with laying by the pool, napping and eating.  Today I laid by the pool for close to 8 hours and then indulged in an hour nap.  Tonight we are having spaghetti and crabs which I plan to enjoy with some wine.  Life. Is. Good.

I know this is super short post and I am behind is reading/commenting but hey, this is vacation!  I will leave you with some more pictures to drool over…

moms photos 072

moms photos 078

moms photos 084

Wishing all my readers a happy, and most importantly a safe, Labor Day Weekend.


2 thoughts on “Wildwood Round 2

  1. For the record, I’m so jealous of you right now, I can practically feel myself turning green. That’s one of the only things I miss about Jersey, being so close to the shore. And I also think that there’s nothing better than a run along the beach…my dad and I had a fabulous 4-miler last year when the family was in Cape May for a weekend.

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