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Perks Of Vacation

Just a quick post before I head home tomorrow.  Once I get back to the real world tomorrow, I have three readings and two writing assignments to do for my classes, not to mention gear up for the first week back with the students at work.  That will probably mean a serious lapse in blogging.  I will still do my best to keep up with my blog reading and commenting 🙂

Ok, enough about work and school and stuff I don’t like to think about on vacation!!!!

I was thinking today, while laying at the pool, about how lucky I am that I even get to vacation.  With the economy they way it is, and all my work and school responsibilities, I don’t get much time to relax.  I keep a world class busy schedule and don’t take enough time to just appreciate the world around me.  Vacation is an opportunity to do just that, and last weekend and this weekend have been nothing but relaxed!

And (insert whiny voice) I don’t want to go back…….no reality plllleeeeaaaasssse!!!!

Here are some things I will miss about running & vacation:

  • Staying up “late”- usually, I am in bed between 900-1030pm; while I have been here I have stayed up past 11 on more than a few nights; I might even make it until midnight tonight.  Living the crazy life, that is right!
  • Getting to “sleep in”- weekdays require me to wake up at 6am (4:45 on spin days).  Weekends include one long run wake up before the sun is out.  On days when I can actually sleep in, my internal alarm has me up and at ’em anyway.  So basically any time I sleep in past 7am, is luxurious.  Here, I have slept past 8am twice!
  • Running in the morning- with the exception of my weekend long run, I usually run at night after work.  The days are just to long with work and school to tack on a morning run; here it has been so nice to indulge in what I really love…morning running.
  • The scenery- uh, yeah, this goes without saying, right???  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to run with the ocean by their side? It is amazing and I have been soaking up every second.
  • The weather- thankfully, the mornings have been fairly cool and I have been able to “sleep in” even on run days until @ 6am.  That is right- sleeping in on run days. HOLLLAAA (and yes, I did just say HOLLLAAA).
  • And most obviously- I just get to run.  No work or school or homework or cleaning or laundry or anything else to worry about.  I get to run, come back and lay at the pool.   That is love ♥.

I am so thankful for my time at the shore- I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated.  And the good news is, I get to come back again next weekend too!  Wildwood has a series of weekends throughout the month of Sept, two of which I spend with my best friend Jessica.  The first, next weekend is bike weekend (as in motorcycles- it is called “Roar to the Shore”) and then two weeks later we come back for Irish weekend.

September is always so much fun- the best way I can think of to end summer 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

6 thoughts on “Perks Of Vacation

  1. Hehe just read your comment, we ran 7 miles, not 7 minute miles, that would be CRAZY!! Those kids are heavy.

    I LOVE vacation, although with kids I NEVER really get to fully relax. My internal and kiddo alarm has me up about 7am…I often lay in bed until 8am because my husband is a saint.

    BEst of luck with your BUSY BUSY time 🙂

  2. I want your vacation too! Love it!

    That’s what I like about vacation too: running/exercising in the morning. I’d rather do that in the morning but on working days I get up at 6 am. Would I have to exercise before that I would have to get up at 4.30 or 5 am and that’s way over my head. So when I’m working I work out after work.

    Enjoy your last days!

  3. i definitely wish i could just be on vacation all the time so i could run more! 🙂 i know i’d probably eventually get bored (at least somewhat), but i think i could handle finding things to do. it’s much “easier” to run before work, though i’ve been running after work for the most part myself this year. it’s nice to know you can just go home after work and relax! (not that running is stressful, but you can’t just go sit and be lazy).

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