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Props Wednesday- Meet Jill

Meet Jill.

Clearly, I think she is awesome because we share the same name.  Meaning of the name Jill: Awesome.

Oh, and according to one group of boys, she also “has that boom boom pow”.

In addition to having the name Jill, being awesome, and having that “boom boom pow”, she is a runner.  A fast runner.  And her blog is one of the first I read when I started lurking the blog world.  I read her blog for a good month before I started my own and she was one of my early inspirations.  Her commitment to running and to life is contagious.

Jill lives in Nevada and faces (and runs in) temperatures I could not even imagine dealing with.  NJ is hot but Nevada is ridiculous.  And once, while running, she saw a sign for a missing tiger (or lion was it??) from a local magic show- really who does that happen to?? Yeah, best run story ever!

Jill’s blog is personal as she is honest and open about both her successes and not-so-much successes.  She has crossed the finish line at half-marathons and marathons and she has DNF’d- all of her experiences, good or bad, are what she reflects through blogging.  Jill is really good at teaching through experience- I get a lot of my training tips from her blog and especially love her reviews.  I appreciate that she puts it out there in a real way; if she likes a product, she says so and likewise if she doesn’t.

Need another reason why she is awesome?  Jill won the New Balance Running on Hope contest–> she won the grand prize; a trip for 2 to Washington DC, entry into the Global Race for Hope Race, and (seriously, how cool is this???) participation in a documentary about the 20-year partnership between New Balance and Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, shoes, and apparel from the Lace up for the Cure collection.  She wrote about this amazing experience and since I could never put it into words the way she did, I recommend you read about it here.

Okay bloggies you know the deal…go over to JILLWILLRUN, check out her blog and show her some love.

8 thoughts on “Props Wednesday- Meet Jill

  1. Holy cow… I am touched, amazed and blown away at this post. Thank you so much. This is so kind and really brightened my day. (And after I just wrote a post where I kind of complained about running in the heat… how embarrassing! Guess I’m keeping it real!)

    Thank you Jill, this was truly unexpected yet so appreciated.

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  3. I’ve been reading Jill will Run’s blog now for over a year, and I couldn’t agree with you more. She is just a very cool person, and I wish I could meet her in person, but unfortunately we’re on opposite ends of the country. This was a very generous thing for you to do, writing this post about her.

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