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I am so busy, even taking the few minutes to write this is difficult.

I feel like the world’s worst blogger- I have about 4 posts started but not complete. One of those is my “props” for this week. I am really hoping to get it in by tonight but I don’t want to write just anything in an effort to get it done.  So we may just have to wait until tomorrow. suspenseful huh???

I am tired, my head hurts and I still have about 8 hours left before I will be home again. I know, I know…stop whining and talk about running, right?? 

Uh, so about running.  Yeah, haven’t run since the race on Sunday.  Add slacker to the list.

Tomorrow I am taking they day off- I have a funeral in the morning and I am using the afternoon to get two papers done; one is due tomorrow night and one has to be emailed to my professor by noon Friday.  I am hoping that I can get caught up so my head no longer feels like it is spinning off my neck.

I hope all my sick bloggers are feeling better and I hope all my well bloggers stay well.  And I hope you all keep reading even if I am a crappy blogger this week.

4 thoughts on “Spinning….

  1. I wish you strenght at the funeral tomorrow.

    Jill, I need your advice. I’m having a 10K on Sunday and I’ve catched a terrible cold. I did run 2,5 miles today but I’ve noticed that my lung capacity is not 100%. What’s the best thing to do: rest until Sunday or do a short run on Friday to experience how my lung capacity is then?

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