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TiaRT- Yoga For Dummies

This weeks TiaRT comes from Kitzzy: Tell us about your experience with yoga as it relates to running.

In truth, her question is much more involved (and actually a question) but the truth is, Yoga doesn’t really apply to me as it relates to running.  However, Yoga does relate to me in the following ways:

  • Falling– for athletic as I am, coordination is not my thing.  Right from the beginning of my first class I was falling all over the place, making a complete fool of myself.  Every time I went to yoga it was a one woman circus and I was the star of the show.
  • Farting– I don’t know what it is about yoga that makes me want to fart, but it’s like my body reserves all it’s gas for exactly the time in between when yoga begins and ends.  And it isn’t just me- girls whether you admit it or not you ALL fart and I would bet you have all let it go in yoga.  And that is precisely the problem- I have the maturity of a five year old when it comes to farting (I am even hysterical as I write this) and laugh the entire class.  Whereas many of the people ignore all the gas passing, I crack up.  This prohibits the whole relaxation thing, thereby defeating the purpose.
  • Sleeping– As ridiculous as the falling is and as funny as the farting is…falling asleep is just plain embarrassing.  The last time I went to yoga, I fell asleep in the child pose.  Not like dosed off…like I woke up and everyone was in a different pose.  I promptly grabbed my stuff and left.   And if you noticed, I said it was the LAST time I went to yoga.

So yeah, Yoga is a no-no for me.

4 thoughts on “TiaRT- Yoga For Dummies

  1. LOL at the farting!

    I took my first yoga class about, um…. 13 years ago (I had to do the math on that one, whoa!) and in that class there was a girl who was very free with her flatulence. It’s true that the stretching and relaxation can make people release some pent-up gas, but I would be mortified if I was letting them rip loud and proud in a class!

  2. I’m not a big fan of yoga either although you read everywhere that it’s a great combination with running. I prefer Pilates for my flexibility.

    And don’t be embarrased: at my first Pilates class I also fell asleep at the end 🙂

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